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I was shocked when I visited Nottingham years ago and discovered that the library was no longer on Shakespeare Street.  I had to ask people where the library was!  The staff at the library on Angel Row were excellent.  Libraries are a vital resource for communities and should be maintained.  Putting offices out of town in industrial estates with car parking for employees and visitors would be more sense.  Phoenix Park is excellent with parking, easy access from the M1 and the tram service into the city.  . 

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I heard on the news today, that it's been sold to a property developer, and ill bet my bottom dollar, that it ends up as accommodation for the poor, the needy, the homeless, the unfortunate amongst us......... Oh no, more student accommodation I'll be bound. 

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Sounds good, Ian.  Definitely a bit warmer than SK.  Careful if you go to the Everglades, though.  The Alligators and Pythons are not really friendly.  :Shock:


Did you drive down or fly?  Enjoy your holiday.

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