Shops in Bramcote Village

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There were three shops on Chapel Street: Mr Price ran the off-license at the bottom, Mrs Each had the grocers half way up and there was a hardware shop at the top - I can't remember the name? I bet these are long gone now - anyone know?

I remember Each's got packed if there were ever more than 4 people in there. A real old fashioned grocer. No self service - everything done over the small counter opposite the door. Very reminiscent of Arkwrights but not open all hours at all! A local shop for local people perhaps!

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mrs eaches shop became a house and in 1983 i bought a house where prices shop was...

Hi Hippo Girl, sorry to have taken so long to pick up on your posting. Have you always lived in Bramcote, I mean before 1983? Were you at school there? I was at the old CofE in Town Street from '59-'66. SR.

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Getting back on topic, I remember the Eaches shop (I don't think it was spelt like that - it was something like AITCH but pronounced Each.) It always reminded me of my favourite comedian, Mr Pastry as I could see the potential of the mountain of cans falling down and other disasters in such tiny shop. Do you remember that Mr Each used to run the tennis courts in the little park in the village? He was a kind of caretaker for the park, and was very strict.

(I also went to BHGS, 1971 to 77 - and I now live in Sussex too!)

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How fascinating! I remember now, some people said the name was pronounced Aitch.

I used to love going on the swings and slides in the little park. The slide was really high, and had a wooden "house" on the top of it. When I was old enough to go there on my own, my friends and I used to dare each other to stand on the top of the house! No soft landing in those days, just asphalt!

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I remember the 3 shops and spent my pocket money in Eaches. 

I had forgotten that Mr Each was a sort of caretaker at the King George V recreation ground. There were swings, the slide and a merrygoround in the play area.


The asphalt was unforgiving. I was horsing around with an elder boy and chipped my front tooth.exposing the nerve. Dentistry in those days was the old pulley driven drill.


The steep slope in the higher part of the rec made for wonderful tobogganing after snowfalls.


In addition to the 3 shops in Chapel St., there was a fruit and veg shop I think in a house's garage in Town St. opposite Church St.


There was I think a co-op butcher down on Derby Road about 100 yards down from the roundabout on the south side. I remember mum buying meaty bones for a ham soup.


I lived more or less opposite the primary school in Town St. and remember the testing of the old airraid warning siren


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