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I posted this on another page a while ago and I was surprised at the reaction it got.   The railway bridge at Chandos Street; the scene has hardly changed although you won't see steam trains

I was born in Netherfield at No 124 curzon street in my grandparents ( Thomas & Mabel Barratt's) house. I was the first of eventually three children born to Nev & Jean Barratt. Shortly after m

Hi I remember trent fields, muck heaps, colwick loco,played in ouse dyke setting each other to jump across certain places and getting wet through. going under the bridge near the royal oak. Remember

hi nev and welcome to the site of couse you know me well and my family clemo kid here babs hopefully see you at reble rally again this year.

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karlton i think it was canavon st that was called pritty windows st.

as you know nevi remember your mum aunty mable as we always called her.and your joan well.remember joan making our bridesmaids dresses for us when our pauleen got married. she had to make mine again when paulines boyfriend broke his leg playing football and they had to postpone the wedding as he was in hospital and of course i had grown out of mine and joan had to make me another wfen they got marrid the next yrar.

as you say nev unless you really knew old nevo and its peopleyou will never realy understandhow we felt about it i know my mum was never the samewhen she had to keave the only home she had ever /known

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Yes there was. If you put "Caroline" in the Search box at the top of the page you'll find quite a few references to it in various Nottstalgia threads. It's the building on the right of this photo. It was still there a couple of years ago, but I don't know if it's still there now.


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Damn good picture there Cliff I remember walking to work at the railway on nights seeing the local bobby in the signal box, no doubt having a chat and a cuppa wi the signalman. Thanks for that cliff.

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We used to go to the Wrangler shop at Calverton Ian. Probably the same place. Chris had loads of shirts over the years. He had a wardrobe sort out one day and sent at least thirty to the Charity shop. He instantly regretted it. At one time it was the only place we bought our jeans from.

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On 3/29/2008 at 10:46 AM, denshaw said:

A mate of mine moved to Dunstan st late sixties (no 125). I remember Pearl who lived a few doors away and Elaine Blood who live the other end of Dunstan st. We used to go to the fair on Victoria road and fishing down at the old gravel pits/lakes. If the wind was in the wrong direction there was a nasty smell, was it from Stoke Bardolph or a maggot farm near the river?


We also used to play in the gravel pits - usually building rafts etc.

also, there was an old 'bogie' truck, that we rode through the tunnel, from the works, to the pits.

When I last visited Nottingham, I took my Son to see where I played.  Alas the tunnel can't be accessed now,,,, but the maggot factory is still there !! and still stinks !!

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We also spent many, many hours outside the Ferry Boat. Usually my Dad was so strict about where we played, but down there, we were left to our own devices for an hour or so.

Obviously very dangerous,,,, railway lines,,,, River Trent,,,, Main Road etc etc.  There was a kids park on the corner of the main road, with conker trees.

Great great times

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On 11/19/2008 at 10:38 AM, Notts Lad oop North said:

I used to live in Carlton ( Douglas Ave) but we were very near Netherfield and for the best part of 7 years ( 64-71) I used to transit through Netherfield on my way to the dreadful Carlton Le Willows Grammar School. I have a lot of memories of the place and this thread has brought back a few. We used to get the "smells" even in Carlton but the sewage works was the biggest culprit esp in summer. If I recall there was also a company called "Bitterlings" at Stoke Bardolph and it was responsible for the very worst smells. The Maggot factory? Yep I recall that down the track past Hoveringham gravels big pile of conveyors - went in there a couple of times at night - disgusting and rats there were even bigger than cats. If you walked down through Netherfield heading for Colwick Shed you came to a railway crossing (still there) On the right hand side here before the crossing was a small empty field and this was the site for a small annual fair in the mid / late 1960's

If you kept on walking you came to Colwick Loco shed on the left. Keep on walking and you followed a path taking you down the side of Colwick loco yard. Eventually you came to a signal box where you could cross the lines near Trent Concrete. But if you kept walking you entered a kind of underpass taking you through the loco yards and eventually you went through a small tunnel and emerged into what for us kids was some magical place. It was actually a gravel pit with lots of small ponds and lagoons with one great big one. So we called it Trent Ponds. Very few people went here. A fishing club had fishing rights but most of the time the wildlife was left to it. The ponds were sadly obliterated in the 1990's to make two gigantic slurry lagoons but there is one of the original lagoons left - the big one near the Trent and its the flat one - those behind the big earth banks are modern creations.

We used to climb up inside the railway bridge over the Trent and doing this we could get to the first arch but no further. We did discover a trap door which opened out directly under one of the railway tracks. We later used this trapdoor to "escape" over the Trent and we went off exploring Holme Pierrepoint gravel pits as they were before they became the famous facility there today. On a recent visit I noticed that the old timbers under this bridge have been replaced by concrete beams so you cannot climb inside this bridge anymore. Probably just as well. Looking back its amazing that I survived some of the daft capers I got involved with.( I nearly drowned in Attenborough Nature Reserve but thats another story.)

Another place I recall in Netherfield was a small factory very close to the main shops. A rumour went round that buried gems were to be found in the ground in front of it. All you had to do was dig down in the grey clay but you had to be careful you didnt get caught. So one summers night three of us took a chance, jumped over the fence armed with nothing more than pointed sticks and raced over some rough ground. We started to scrape away and sure enough below the long grass we found grey clay. Soon enough we all started finding gemstones! These were very small and I found a blue one and a red one. They were not polished or shiny and looked just like rough and real gemstones. Suddenly we heard a shout so we shot off. We never went back and to this day I dont know what on earth we were digging up. Years later I would learn that gemstones really can be found in clay - so what on earth was going on on Netherfield all those years ago?

I used to frequent some of the shops esp the main ones near the railway inc the newsagent. I used to buy maggots for fishing with from a petshop down a side street and later bought a number of birds for my garden shed aviary.

I have many happy memories of Netherfield / Colwick as it was my playground growing up in the mid / late 1960's. It was simply a great place to be then and I wouldnt have wanted to have grown up anywhere else! Happy Days!

I'd be surprised if we don't know each other.  We used to play in the exact same places - although the tunnel under the train lines at rails through it, and we rode a 'bogie' truck through it, to the pits.

As to scrambling through the bridge, if you look at the first stantion, you can see a piece of it missing.  I was standing on that very corner, when it just fell away into the river.  Don't know why - I wasn't that heavy.  If the granite was faulty, it would have gone by now.

Happy happy memories.


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On 8/31/2010 at 1:31 PM, Ayupmeducks said:

My Gran used to live right at the bottom of Lindon Grove for a few years, bottom right house. Next door to her was a gentleman who built his own scale model steam locos with ride on rolling stock. He had rails laid around his back garden.

I also lived on Linden Grove - about 1968/9, just after getting married.

It was there that I took my pet bear home. My new missus wouldn't let me in !!!

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When the bridge was originally built it only provided an access between farm-fields split by the railway line. Years later when Chandos St was first built, it only extended down as far as the bridge. Beyond that, old maps show a footpath/lane and access down to Top Farm. Perhaps the folk who owned the farm were called Baker.  

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