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Are they building a tesco? or do you mean the present Sainsbury's site?

This is the proposed Tesco site, the small white building behind the second car is Pet Mart - Shaw & Marvin & the Lads' Club have been demolished.

Sainsburys is on Stoney Street on the site of the former Beeston Fire Station.

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Got my bearings now Bro when you mentioned petmart, I also heard they are also building a Tesco service station on the site of the the cow pub, famous punk venue in times gone by...

Top shop was Victor Oade, mens tailor (+ a few ladies fashions).

Next building down was "Charlies Barn" (cannot recall what is was before then), became a Bee-Wise budget clothing shop, now gone.

Pet Mart was Tom Saville's pet shop, lots of tropicalfish & fishing tackle. Tom was more renowned for his fly fishing. When Tom left the shop I think hemoved inth the upsatirs of "Charlies Barn" to continue fly-tying - can anyone confirm?).

Shaw & Marvin was a dye works, closed in the 80's.

Lead car is a Humber Super Snipe.

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But what you see is for your eyes only, nobody else can see the info you see, as per viewer they will see their info.

Unfortunately Members and visitors will not know that, and may consider it as part of our site. We like to assure privacy and anonomity to our members. They may feel that we are logging their details and displaying them.

Though it is neat, I would prefer that you remove it from your sig

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Went into Petmark last week and asked how long they would be there now that all around them was gone, the lady said that they had at least another year - can't see it but time will tell!

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  • 2 years later...

I have not deleted your original posts Bro,

It was others with Photobucket void images.

There is nothing in your original post to indicate there was an Image?

Thanks for the Repost, i have relinked it to the OP.

The small petmart building can clearly be seen above the second car.

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