Rhymes from our childhood

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At assembly, held in the afternoon on the last day of the academic year at The Manning, we always sang the hymn God Be With You Til We Meet Again.


On the day I left, I changed the words to God Forbid We Ever Meet Again and, to ensure everyone heard me, I sang the descant instead of the melody.


Staff looking daggers at me but...THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO ABOUT IT. I was straight out of the door when assembly ended.  :rolleyes:. Had to rush home and throw my uniform in the bin!

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Updated twenty-eighteen    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall  The structure of the wall was incorrect  So he got ten grand from Claims Direct 

It must be 50+ years ago since I heard that one.       That's because we are. 

It were me dad that made the fire It were me mam that made the tea It were me mam and dad that fell in love It were me mam and dad that made me It were me mam and dad that I was proud of It were

Our children when they were young would say:  "Liar, liar, your pants are on fire". I can't remember ever saying anything like that when I was a child!

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I'm very late to the party here, but I remember a different variation to the Rule Britannia one. I was raised in Yorkshire so maybe in the 80s, pre Internet, colloquial preferences are what played a part here. 


But it went:


Rule Britannia, 

Three monkeys on a stick. 

One fell down and paralysed his

Prickles grow on bushes,

Prickles grow on trees, 

Prickles grow on Chinamen, 

Just above their knees. 

Sally had a baby

She called it Sonny Jim, 

She took it to the toilet

To see if it could swim. 

It swam to the bottom, 

It swam to the top, 

Sally got excited

And she pulled it by the 

Cockles, mussels, 3 and 6 a jar

Ever seen a policeman

Pulling up his

Flies are dirty,

Slugs are worse

This is the end of this dirty little verse. 


Just brilliant. Hadn't sung it in 20 years and I still remember every line now. 

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One tall midget reached up high,
Touched the ground above the sky,
Tied his loafers, licked his tongue,
And told about the bee he stung.
He painted, then, an oval square
The color of the bald man's hair,
And in the painting you could hear
What's undetected by the ear.

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Don't  really want to scroll through these pages,  but was  One men went to mow, went to mow a meadow, mentioned? I am reading a book set in WW2 and the kids sang  this. I had forgotten about it.

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I remember singing ‘One man and his pet Pomeranian poodle pup’ on the last line of each verse.  

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I agree there are a lot of part-poodle 

dogs around these days, although there may also be lots of unregistered breeders who are making a lot of money out of it!

Our son has  a 9 months old ‘labradoodle’ puppy but she looks just like a toy poodle and is just as small, intelligent and very quick!  The only trace of Labrador is a golden streak on her ear hair.  Apparently,  her mother was a labradoodle and her father was a toy poodle borrowed from a neighbouring farm.   She is lovely but a bit of a handful sometimes - we look after her several days a week.

(and she wasn’t cheap)

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All poodle mix dogs here are very expensive.  But they are mongrels in reality.  (I do like them though, very cute)

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I have a poodle mix, heard them aptly described as a “vortex of frantic joy” which describes mine exactly. Everything is exciting from morning to night, he has such a joy of living, wish I had half his energy. He certainly keeps us on our toes. They are classed as mixed breeds here, mongrels are more a “Heinz 57” mixture and yes they are very expensive here as well (lockdown pushed all dog prices through the roof) but worth every penny.

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Afew little ditties not mentioned here i remember as a nipper,

Do ya wanna come to my birthday party ?

We're having custard and jelly ,

And a punch in the belly.

It was in bagdad where me mother met me dad .

Dip dip dation, corporation, how many buses are in the station 

3,   1,2,3 and O U T spells out .


Might jog afew memories !

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