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Did anyone go to the Crossed Keys Club which was in St Peter's Church Hall on St. Peter's Street, Radford between 1965-67..we used to have the dance area under the you went down the steps there was a large girder above with the words "Mind Ye Nut"..I was the DJ there and played all the soul and motown that I heard down at the Dungeon Club.

pete c....still riding a vespa

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If anyone who went to The Crossed Keys Club and after we were kicked out of there and went to The Rad Y is interested I have put together 3 cd's containing the music that I played at both clubs..some great songs that will bring back lots of memories..the cd's are free..don't want anything for them..can meet up or post them to you...also have done 3 of the Dungeon Club if you take a look in there.

cd1 Music From The Crossed Keys Club / The Rad Y Club 1966-1968

I Can't Help Myself..Four Tops

Sweet Soul Music..Arthur Conley

With This Ring..Platters

I Feel Love Coming On..Felice Taylor

Soul Man..Sam & Dave

Run Baby Run..Newbeats

Gimme Some Lovin..Spencer Davis Group

Que Sera Sera..Geno Washington

Baby Now That I've Found You..Foundations

Heaven Must Have Sent You..Elgins

Ain't Nothing But A House Party..Showstoppers

007 Shanty Town.. Desmond Dekker

Stop In The Name Of Love..Supremes

Chain Reaction..Spellbinders

I'm Ready For Love..Martha And The Vandellas

A Little Bit O'Soul..Music Explosion

Do The Teasy..Joyce Bond

Headline News..Alan Bown Set

Satisfaction..Otis Redding

Things Get Better..Eddie Floyd

Just Look What You've Done..Brenda Holloway

I Was Made To Love Her..Stevie Wonder

Girls Are Out To Get You..Fascinations

7 Days Is Too Long..Chuck Wood

I'll Always Love You..Detroit Spinners

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CD 2

Happy Feet..Robert Parker

Bernadette..Four Tops

Respect..Aretha Franklin

Funky Street..Arthur Conley

Shotgun Wedding..Roy C

I've Passed This Way Before..Jimmy Ruffin

Give And Take..Jimmy Cliff

A Little Bit Hurt..Julian Covay And The Machine

At The Discotheque..Chubby Checker

Let The Good Times Roll..Bunny Sigler

Baby What I Mean..Drifters

You Always Hurt Me..Impressions

Guns Of Navarone..Skatalites

Jimmy Mack..Martha And The Vandellas

I Need Somebody..? And The Mysterians

I Guess I'll Always Love You..The Isley Brothers

Cool Jerk..Capitols

Knock On Wood..Eddie Floyd

The Duck..Jackie Lee

Gimme Little Sign..Brenton Wood

You Keep Me Hanging On..Supremes

No Sad Songs..Oscar Toney Jnr

He Was Really Saying Something..Velvelettes

I Want My Baby Back..Edwin Starr

From Head To Toe..Escorts

CD 3

Come Round Here I'm The One You Need..Miracles

Some Kind Of Wonderful..Soul Brothers Six

Honey Chile..Martha And The Vandellas

I'll Turn To Stone..Four Tops

No Sad Songs..Joe Simon

What Is Soul..Ben E. King

I Thank You..Sam & Dave

When You're Young And In Love..Marveletts

Washed Ashore..Platters

Love Is Here And Now You're Gone..Supremes

Trampoline..Spencer Davis Group

Never Like This Before..William Bell

I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose..Marv Johnson

Little Piece Of Leather..Donnie Elbert

I'll Take You Where The Music's Playing..Drifters

I'm Gonna Run Away From You..Tami Lynn

Shake..Otis Redding

634-5789..Wilson Pickett

The Clapping Song..Shirley Ellis

I Know I'm Losing You..Temptations

Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got..Jimmy Ruffin

Higher And Higher..Jackie Wilson

It's So Hard Being A Loser..Contours

Got To Have You Back..Isley Brothers

I Got A Feeling..Barbara Randolph

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Hi Pete, if its ok with you, and despite the fact I have just about all the songs on the cd's ( but mainly on old vinyl and not all in one or three compilations) could I have a copy of each?? pretty please? Thanks in anticipation mate, Craig

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Hey must be somebody who remembers this club..we used to get lots of people in from around the Radford's getting a bit lonely in here on my own!!..remember the vicar that rented the hall out to us..miserable old git called Vicar Lemon..he reckoned it was pronounced Leemon but we called him Lemon..the dance floor was under the stage..when we moved to the Rad Y on Ilkeston Road it was run by a one armed guy called Ray Woodhouse..will try and remember the names of some of the people that used to come down to these 2 clubs and put them on my next post.

pete c....still riding a vespa

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I lived on the corner of Norton Street and Hartley Road.

In 1968, I had just left school, and would travel to The Santa Fe'

in the Meadows.

I never knew there was such a club in Radford run by the local church?

Come to think of It Santa Fe' was run by the church next door, St Faiths?

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Ah Mick that's because we were kicked out of the church hall in 67 bit of trouble with a few greasers that came in..fight broke out they got hammered and my friends that did it got borstal..even made the Evening we had to relocate to the Rad Y on Ilkeston Road...I knew about the Santa Fe' but never went there..spent a lot of time around the Hartley Road area in those days..used to be a second hand record shop on there where I spent some of my hard earned cash..used to go in the Boulevard pub in 68/69 upstairs in their bit of a disco and as you already know I worked for a short while at Marathon Knitwear..nicking knickers!!

pete c....still riding a vespa

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Some of the names that I can remember who used to go to either the Crossed Keys or the Rad Y or both

Roger Lewin

Pete Lewin

Phil Hickling

Marilyn Clifford

Rita Krzeminski

Kath Cragg

Alan Edwards

Alan Bakewell

Pete Kochman

Rita Cotton

Angela Pilkington

Ann Murden

Sharon Rock

John Hudson

Mick Goodwin

David Jackson

Johnny Sims

Carol Wright

Carol Hextall

Harry Everson

Linda Dunstan

Ray Fletcher

Old Radford Gal..hope you recognise some of these names

pete c....still riding a vespa

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Is it the same guy then Nick?..can't remember too much about him..he used to hang round with John Hudson, Alan Edwards and another guy who's name I think was Dennis Wakeling..or Wack as they called him..Ray was one of the ones who got locked up for the fight that eventually closed the club...think he may have lived down near the bottom of Denman Street..god it was a long time ago it's hard to remember...any chance you can email me that photo Nick so that I can get a better look?

pete c....still riding a vespa

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Ok thanks anyway Nick..did you show Kathy those pics I sent you?...oh and by the way Radford Old Gal (Barbara) may contact you..she went to school with your Ann and was asking me how to get in touch with her so I suggested she contacts you mate.

pete c....still riding a vespa

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That's fine i will pass on her number , & no to the 1st question I'm due my fortnightly visit tomorrow , ill let you know who she recognizes .

Love that car with the twin stripe down the middle .

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The car was on old ford belonged to Roger Lewin..he's the guy sunbathing on top..a lot of mods at that time had minivans..with stripes down the middle and large numbers on the doors..some had a big tank aerial fastened to the rear bumper..Roger couldn't afford a minivan so he got the ford pop instead for £15.00!! and modded it up.

pete c....still riding a vespa

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Radford Old Gal has sent me some more names to add.

Barbara Woodhouse

George Edwards

Russ Palethorpe

Steve Cragg

Carol Greenhalgh

Rob Pate

How could I have forgotten Rob Pate..he was a good mate of mine..he was the guy who used to go to the Ace Record shop with me and we would nick records by stuffing them down the front of our jeans!! already told this story in the Dungeon Club section.

Thanks for those names Barbara

pete c....still riding a vespa

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Well don't let us sit on the horse and not ride it, lets ave a butchers at yer photie

Oh and I bet Steve Cragg is Radfordreds relation too

By the way Nick are you related to Ken Cragg who was/is in the newsagents business up Matlock??

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Radford Old Gal has sent me some more names to add.

When are we gonna hear from Radford Old Gal Then?

Nick, are you one of the Cresswell Craggs?

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Hi folks, yes its me Radford Old Gal, less of the old, if you dont mind boys, and I didnt train dogs, last name WARD, as in Wood! New gal to this site, and I´m an expat now, been for a few years now in South East Spain.I was looking for an old map , and wow, found many old pals, lovely to be able to recall our youth in Radford, the people the places, didn´t we have a good time? Has Rad-Y been demolished, I remember going into the old Jolly Higglers, underage drinking, no body batted an eyelid, and buying fish, chips and curry from the Chip Shop oppposite the Players Bond warehouse, walking home cos I ´d spent the busfare, back to Wollaton.Any one remember Chicks the hairdressers on Alfreton Road, I was a Saturday shampoo girl?

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Hey congrats on your first post Barbara..and yes I remember Chicks on Alfreton Road cos as you know I was going out with a young lady a bit further down..wasn't Chicks owned by a former Nottingham Panthers player..Chick Zamick or something like that..or was that a dry cleaners..I'm sure someone on here will know...Rad Y building still standing..will send you a pic tomorrow..and thanks for the nice comments you left..was trying to reply but couldn't fiqure out how, will go and have another try.

pete c ....still riding a vespa

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Yep, Chick Zamick did play ice hockey, it was a combined dry cleaners and hairdressers. Mal worked at Woollies, think it was the sweet counter, mind you she was sweet enough.Up round the corner was the Dungeon Club, Stanhope Street- we used to go on a Sunday afternoon, or is my memory confused- Sunday, was it open in the afternoons? Whats the weather like in Nottingham?

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