more tales from the late 60's early 7o's

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Welcome Fiftiesboy, my local haunts were the Cavo, Carlton, Tavern and Goose, on a Thursday or Friday night we would do the rounds and usually end up at the Carlton or Goose for last orders.

Great times and many memories for me in that era. Loved live bands that were on the circuit at the time.

On one of my previous trips back to my home town, I again popped in the Cavo, but was shocked first to see a car wash in the car park, and the inside was a real disappointment too, but did see an old one of the lads, of the times and caught up with the latest goss and who had slipped by the wayside or are no longer with us, to where we are now.

He was still a regular in the bar after all these years.

The Goose has gone too and the Carlton is horrible, just about only one left is the Tavern but not been in for quite a while.

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Thank you lads and lasses for your comments. I couldn't have reached that illustrious total without the help of you lot, particularly the late-night crew on Word Association and Keep One Drop One ...

I suppose this is more late 50`s and 60`s than 70`s,but I thought it was pretty appropriate. -- Long ago and far away, in a land that time forgot, Before the days of Dylan, or the dawn of Camelot

Just interviewed Pete Groves who owned sandpipers .......amazing tales how the club went from a posh guys bistro in 1974 to,an iconic punk club ......  

Spent a lot of time in the 99 Club, Babels, Beachcomer, Ad Lib, etc in the 1960/70s

My Brother Bob Snyder was Controller/DJ on Radio Trent and worked part-time as DJ at The Beachcomer.

Met a girl Called Maude there who was very hot. Lived off Castle Boulevard.

Also went out with a girl who`s nickname was Sooty (can`t remember her proper name) who worked at The 99 Club

Would be nice to meet up with these again.

The Dungeon used to have a reunion night but don`t think so anymore

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I went to all those places you mentioned in the late 60's early 70's and I knew a girl called Sooty who worked at the 99 Club back then, I was thinking abput those days recently, reminiscing and wondered what happened to these people, we had great fun at the 99 club, was my favourite place.....................

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On ‎03‎/‎05‎/‎2008 at 3:48 PM, hippo girl said:

started my club life with the dungeon where great acts like steam packet( long john, rod stewart, Julie driscoll) lead me to see Jimmy Cliff ,..Jimmmy James and the great Jimmy Hendrix at the beachcomber. Friday and Sunday nights were spent in the Brit, Boat and the Union clubs at Trent bridge. We all use to gather outside Saxones and get the bus down Arkwright street, past Selectadisc .The pigalle, colemans, flying horse,bodega and many more places would take mer down the nostalgic route...i then left nottingham for a student life in Manchester where i worked some of the best clubs in England..the twisted wheel. time and place and the legend that was Blinkers where George Best spent many an evening....Worked the Hippo club in 1971 and became part of the sandpiper, babel set ...would love to hear from anyone who has tales to tell am still into my music and the odd night clubbing!

I went to them all in the 60's early 70's  - The 99 Club in West Bridgford was the best night club ever....................

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Hiya Hippo Girl,

I'm Derek Bray and worked the door at the Hippo on Friday and Saturday nights in the early seventies with Ken Burt. Owner was Gordon Long, Manager a Spaniard called Tony. Looked a bit like Bruno, the judge on Strictly.I remember Keith Moon coming down one night and letting him in for free. Happy Days! I was known as Donkey Bray in those days for the boring reason that donkeys bray. Anyone else out there remember the Keith Moon drop-in?

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I was at pcfe day release from 63 to66 went for lunch i believe on wilford road called Glorias cafe the meat pie and chips were to die for,i always remember listening to the radio giving out the FA cup draws out.

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