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Ian, the bloke's name is Steve Fisher and I contacted him to buy the pic. He got back to say he'd found six others, he sent me some thumbnails, and was I interested in those too? Since then he's found

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I'm pretty sure that was 1978 as we went to the Sham 69 gig and it was one of their last ones (They didn't break up , they just stopped live gigs after a particularly hairy moment or two at (IMMSC)Middlesex Polytechnic later in 78 ??)

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Right on cue you can do it all again Shams original line up playing @ Rock City on 6th April with The Angelic Upstarts !!!! Who did kill Liddle Towers ?

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OYou are right the cramps did play the sandpiper, it was a night off from supporting the police

Amazing gig the original lineup with Bryan Gregory, from that night on I was a Rockabilly fan, from my fading memory it was not well attended maybe 30 people,  pretty sure it was 1979, anybody here remember seeing Siouxsie and the banshees at Katie's in beeston maybe 1977


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On 2/27/2018 at 7:52 PM, IAN123. said:

The night Sham played the Sandpiper...

the place was jammers..jimmy pursey  began Ulster Boy...and the place went mad..first time i ever saw plastic pint glasses.

Seem to recall 2 bouncers bare chested on the stage.

Ligged at the portland building when the delish Gaye Advert played.


I was there too ‘cos my mate’s band, The Turbines, were backing them.

Chris, my bass playing mate in the band, told me Pursey’s mum was backstage sorting his hair out.

There’s other details too which I recounted in my first ever NS post. I won’t repeat them as at the time I didn’t realise this wasn’t the type of place for unsavoury posts. 

S’pose it’s still there in the ether tho’.

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I've come across that bloke's pics before, he had some "unknown band" pics some of which were of The Turbines so I let him know who they were.

You prompted me to have another look and this time I noticed there was a section dedicated to the punters.........And there I am!! Well the back of me. Leather bike jacket with scuffed / torn right shoulder caused when a Moggy 1000 pulled away from the kerb without looking & ran me over as I was overtaking it. Couldn't do owt about it as I wasn't insured.

My girlfriend Jayne to my left and Jane, the bass guitarists girlfriend, in the middle.

Dunno if this link will work but uploading pics on here has me baffled,

Cheers, Alan.



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On 12/29/2018 at 1:36 PM, IAN123. said:

Alan..think it was Hippo Girl that told me ..the two bouncers were brought in last minute from Annabells or some such place. Simon Fisher ..i think photographed this and the Ultravox! gig. Sadly as i recall Jimmy had 'unwanted' dealings with a Radio.I and TV star...JK..alledgelly.


Ian, the bloke's name is Steve Fisher and I contacted him to buy the pic. He got back to say he'd found six others, he sent me some thumbnails, and was I interested in those too? Since then he's found four more and there's some cracking pics amongst them. He's busy cleaning them up or whatever photographers do to 40 year old negatives and I should have them in a couple of days.


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Things have taken a slightly weird turn, got this from the photographer;



Thanks got the payment, will save the beer for the weekend. 

Have found another photo ( see attached ) is this you? 

I have been running some of my old photo scans through a facial recognition program and it matched Jayne. Think this was from a party at Ruddington Coop? 

Don't ask were this neg is, I scanned it in 2014 in the middle of some bike pics. 

The facial recognition program has so far been running for 2 days solid and found ( or so it thinks ) over 150,000 individuals, it could take a long time to sort out.


It is me but I have no recollection of it. Cracking pic tho’. If I master posting pics up on here I’ll stick some of them up.



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IAN 123 

When you say The Grey Topper do you mean the nightclub that used to be in Jacksdale?

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Neerrr SOLD OUT 

My neighbour next to me has a book on all the acts that were on at the Topper will see if I can get old of it,

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PS  At least its made my son smile.

Just found out that Glad!! is not on this year ok so I told a little white lie.

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On 8/15/2008 at 3:09 PM, Shaz said:

Ahh the Sandpiper,the good days...

appar the singer ( Mark) from Some Chicken died a while ago,something to do with heart probs :mellow:

I held a couple of my bday parties down there and had the Drains and Some Chicken play,that was fun times..

i remember the floor used to be covered in spit near the stage and also remember a guy called Mark Marshall who i think played in a band and had this thing for eating glass( with blood pouring from his mouth) and cutting his arms and chest to ribbons with it,i wonder where he is now..

i reckon if there was ever a fire no one wouldve got out alive lol

I knew Mark Marshall well, the band were called controlled chaos my mate Pete Moss was lead singer, Robbo guitar Hodgo drums and of course Mark bass he thought he was the next Sid . I still see Mossy and Robbo , it’s well over 40 years now 

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On 6/28/2008 at 8:53 AM, Stuart Swift said:

This is brilliant for my rapidly reducing memory!!I knew I'd seen Magazine in Nottingham. At the time I thought Nottingham had a terrible music scene, but looking back & reading these comments it was as lively as most other cities, it seems. Wonder why we never produced a great Punk Band?

I'm furious I missed the Cortina's playing, I loved them. I knew the Rockabilly bouncer, his name was definately George. Had a reputation for being as hard as nails, never saw him actually throw anyone out tho'.

Does anyone remember the Punk club at the ICC on Mansfield road on a Saturday afternoon? Like lots have already said the music was very limited to a few records.

Now, I'm convinced I saw The Cramps play at Sandpipers, very early in thier career-long before any real kind of fame. Lux interior was handing out plastic fangs to us outside. But I'm just doubting it could have been Sandpipers - but where else?

I remember George. Loved the guy. He always looked after us youngsters often pulling me over the crowd at the door to get in. He also worked the door at the Ajanta. Plenty of bands their in my time. Subs, Rejects, later Bauhaus and Joy Division. Always on the train from Notts after collecting 10p’s from folks in the market square inbetween scaring the customers in the cafe upstairs at Debenhams lol. The Cramps gig could have been the boat club??

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