Nottingham murders

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Just browsing through this thread while waiting for my paint to dry on me bathtub, where I noticed at the beginning of the thread the name Collette Aram was mentioned. Her murder was somewhere down Ad

Were still the tops I believe in murders. I am trying to compile a list of noyttingham murders between 1984-1995 Can Anyone help by remembering any details or names? 1. Sarah Harper, Abducted from

I can remember that murder in a cafe in Basford in the early 1970's, when a young woman murdered her husband because he was horrible to her, she wanted to get rid of him and bring in her lover to live

Does anyone know anything about the Drummond murders in France?.They lived in Spencer House Nuthall it was about 1953 when it happened i think Mr Drummond was a director of Boots i remember as a child his children let me ride on their horse i think the whole family was murdered.

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I was told of a murder on Burns Street, just off Waverley Street.  The story was told to me by Bob Highton "Big Red " soon after I joined  the City fire brigade in early '68. It must have been earlier sixties I think -  they had been called to a fire on Burns Street. As he was going up the stairs, through the smoke, his head hit something. looking up it was some ones legs, hanging. He told me he ran out in fright !. When the smoke had cleared, blood was seen leaking through a bedroom ceiling,

in the attic was found the body of a girl. It was found, apparently, that the father had murdered the girl, set fire to the house and hung himself.

I don't think this was a tall tale as it seemed to trouble him all the time I knew him. 

I don't see it referred to on this thread   - was it all true anyone ?

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On 4/7/2021 at 1:18 PM, Mandydale said:

They was a murder and body of a woman found on king georges park on aspley Lane bk in early 1990s anyone remember that 

Yes her name was Jill wheelhouse I went school with her sister june she was murdered by her boyfriend I think Nat 100%sure his name summut like orvil ?

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I knew the Tizzard family (there were loads of them, a great family) who ran the Swinger (Forest Hotel) on Bulwell Hall Estate, then they took on the Jubilee pub up Carlton way & visited them a few times, then lost touch with them. I remember the murder & thinking if he was one of them. Years later was talking about the murder at work & a woman said her daughter dated a Tizzard & is almost certain they're related. She thinks he was a milkman... 


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