Rock City in the 80's

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Went to see Blur in 1997 @ Rock City the floor was that sticky it took me 4 days to walk home.

Rory Gallagher Defender tour, 1985 I think. Awesome, unbelievable, brilliant.

Stop it, FLY2 (#69). you're making me jealous.

As I have said on other threads, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream along with Jean Michel Jarre gave me my life long love of electronic music. Everyone from ABC to Ultravox have been influenced by them.

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I like both versions ian. I saw John Foxx a couple of years ago at the Royal Concert Hall when he was supporting OMD...still great in my eyes.

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Good job I'm off today woke up with a banger, shouldn't drink on empty head. Not been to Rescue Rooms for a gig for a while, it was packed like sardines in a tin, bumped into loads I'd not seen for years, the crowd loved Max Splodge 30 years & he still can't play that trumpet, Buster Bloodvessel looked fit & well down to about 13/14 stone, had all the boneheads stomping.


Barmaid made me chuckle, it was my round some craft IPA on draft, she pre-warned me it was & £7 a pint! ....... How much?      

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On 8/19/2008 at 4:00 AM, steve banting said:

Went down to see REM on the recommendation of Graham Neal on the Castle Rock programme. Michael Stipe had shoulder length hair then. Strange. Then again so did I. Also saw UFO and Rory Gallagher. Did anyone go to the Heavy Rock nights on a Friday? Why did so many people refer to it as a Heavy Rock Disco?

I recall the UFO gig..Atomic Tommy on guitar 84? , also remember Gillan in 80/81. Very early Marillion about 82..also a couple of Rory Gallagher gigs about "86 and '88. Recall  about a week later Hawkind, think it was November '88.

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Recall them playing the Royal Centre..think it was a Wednesday night, roughly mid' Eighties. ..On the second tier..about 30 seats per customer!


MSG,  at the Royal Centre..about 81/82..were very good.


Trophy Dave, i also saw them on the last orders tour.

R.I.P. Paul Raymond.


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Saw them at Knebworth in '85, 1986 sounds right, can't think of any band of this genre producing anything good mid eighties. Blame MTV, the need to remain 'current' & the commercial use of the dreadful Synth' myself.

Couple more I recall in a similar vein at Rock City, Gary Moore, not a big fan but liked the support band Samson.

Also Y&T with Rock Goddess supporting..double damage tour.

Y&T .. that night were the loudest band iv'e ever heard!

But it's all about standing in the wrong place! 

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