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B) Ilko don't mention Anagrams on here mate, no one wanted to do my little quiz of Anagrams.....can i answer this one... tell you what i will do i'll send a PM..


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no-one wanted to answer them because we're all crap at anagrams, that's the only reason! .. it's nothing personal - honest! :rolleyes:

I can see you've sussed it anyway .. let's see if anyone else gets em!


Yeah Ditto Ilko.

Nothing personal from me too,but by the time i've worked out what the word is another year has passed!! You know we love everything else you do BIP :rolleyes:


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B) Thanks everyone you have restored my faith in human kindness. B)

:ph34r: Yes mum i know you love me too... :ph34r:

:) Hey friends nice change of avatars............... :wub:


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spot on there caladave!

produced many fine albums circa 60's and 70's..

they did seem to go downhill though at the album 'the seventh sojourn'

I even remember taking this album back to Woollies and doing an exchange..

ending up with Hawkwind 'masters of the universe' - another good band of the day!


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