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On 7/28/2020 at 5:58 PM, philmayfield said:

I started Mellish in ‘54 so GEG had retired by that time but his memory lingered on. You we’re probably in the same year as Bill Brazier who came from Daybrook. He’s my neighbour and lives a few hundred yards down the lane from me.

Crikey, Bill Brazier was in my class!  I just about remember him but it's long time ago.




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I'm not vegetarian, and have never planned to be, but reading alisoncc's post is the kind of thing that might convert me.

Tripe shop?

This is the photo which disappeared from an earlier post due to the Photobucket Blackmail Dept. Tom Sanderson's Tripe Shop on Arkwright Street.

As the tripe aspects of this thread seem to have faded, thought worth a bit of drift to "Giblets" might be in order.  That's chicken giblets.  Giblets were all the chicken internals and necks. For less than a shilling you could get a couple of pounds of giblets at the butchers on Waterway St. The one near the corner of Blackstone St.


Giblet stew was highly regarded in our household. All six kids and parents got a good feed. The only bits needing looking at were the stomachs, the inside layer had to be peeled off as very tough. Necks were the best bits, especially when cooked long enough so that the bones almost dissolved in your mouth.  They had lots of tasty meat on them to.  Even to this day have no hesitation in digging out the internals from a bought roast chicken.


Didn't like tripe, but only too happy to dig into a bowl of giblets. Used to be able to get chitterlings as well. I think they were a pigs internals. Only the other day cooked up lambs fry - lambs liver sliced, onions and chopped bacon.  Yummy.







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Liver, onions and bacon is a delicious meal.  I always used to boil up the giblets which came bagged inside a chicken or turkey to make the gravy....

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14 hours ago, philmayfield said:

Basically they are pigs' intestines. You can eat every bit of a pig except the squeak. 


Me mam liked bubble n squeak... 'orrible stuff..

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I use to love bubble n squeak with loads of brown fruity sauce  with a fried egg and unsliced bread with loads of butter the bread. Shame  I cant eat it now as it rips my stomach to pieces and I suffer for a few days after.

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