Andy Ash or Ian Barratt

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It seems that Nottstalgia reaches right round the world! How amazing is that. I have found quite a few folks now, so while my luck is in, I'll try for these two.

Ron reckons Andy Ash was definitely back in Notts at one point - after he left Ibiza. Has anyone heard from him at all? Are you out there somewhere Andy?

Ian seems to have disappeared of the face of the planet - but me him and Steve Frost used to be in the Hippo every night without fail. I would have bneen best man at his wedding if I'd woken up in time! If you're out there Ian get in touch mate!

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would love to have news from andy ash .... when he disappeared to go to ibiza, i was heartbroken, and went to paris ... i met him one time after that but had already made my life in france ... i remember meeting his parents ... I would love to have news from him if he's still living ... I'm on facebook 

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Hello Jane, i'm one of Andy's brother's, the youngest. I'm afraid Andy died quite a long time ago, he was living back in the uk by then. I will contact you on fb.


If anyone has anything to add about Andy, add to this thread. Thanks



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