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Does anyone have any recollections of Mr Rutt,apparently he was a P.E Teacher at TBS. I think he was there in the middle to late 60's?? From all accounts he was a tough cookie. Didn't know of him myself, but have just heard of him in relation to an incident which happened at TBS, anybody want to elaborate?? :rolleyes:


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The only PT teacher I can remember up until late 1964 was Mr Thorpe.

kind regards


ps so glad my old friend Tony Lander has joined. I mailed him the address to the USA

Mick when do you think you might be able to progress the TB school picture site? I do think this will be VERY popular and invite many pictures and narratives.

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Am I mixing up Rutt with Thorpe, Perhaps?

Editors note...

Yes Tony the images are in a Folder here. I have just come back from the US also.

The Web page side of the site need rebuild from Ground up, Quite a big job.

site Promotion and search engine optimisation has been main priority in recent weeks. If any member wants a hand in the HTML side, that will help out. Let me see what I can do as a temporary measure in the mean time.... Mick T

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