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Do you remember those teenage discos? In 1968/9 I was about 15 and I used to go to Pandora's Box teenage disco at Bramcote Memorial Hall. Raverteque was on alternate weeks at the same venue. The music was mostly Motown laced with Atlantic and Stax soul. I remember dancing to The Isleys, Jackie Wilson and, for the slow ones, Jimmy Ruffin. Others discos further afield were The Shed and Soul Shack in Beeston/Chilwell but I never got to those. Maybe you did?

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use to go to thursday night at bramcote memorial hall..won miss bramcote in 1967 LOL.....also went to the shed in beeston.....went last year to see geno washington ...they still put on good soul nights at the shed ..... but nothing can replace the bramcote memorial hall and eaches shop .....good times

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Was the Bramcote Memorial Hall on the road opposite the Admiral Rodney about half way down on the right? If so l have been there a few times, great soul sounds and great looking girls. Never got as far as Beeston.

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