Mr Williams- Music Teacher

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Many will recall Mr Williams. He had many problems at TB, particulary with the boys who were often quite disruptive in his classroom.

He left in late 1963 to become music teacher in a North Notts girls school.

Piggy Roberts took over when he left and would play ad hoc for the morning assembly. On fridays we would have a Mr ( Bill ) Vasey. Bill lived at Mapperley and would be seen around the town always on a cycle. A tall eccentric chap.Bill once told me that he always liked to have a pee in the boys toilets instead of the staff ones. He befriended a lad called Mick Phelps-the only cockney we had in the school.

Pop Williams would take us for music in his classroom which was near to the teachers staffroom and near to the secretarys office a Mrs Bloor I think.

Sometimes although unable to think why Pop would take us for lessons in the Meadows Boys Club. Pop lived quite near to Mapperley hospital where I was working at the time. My old friend Don Theakstone thought we should have some teenage culture and decided that we should see Pop for music lessons at his house

Don survived aboot one lesson. I had six or so and then discontinued as Pop became 'rather friendly' -- enough said !

A nice gentleman though and many fond memories of him and all the teachers.

I recall John Simons ( art ) lived at East leake. His classroom was over the road in the new building

Kind regards


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Thanks Tony

I don't remember Pop as I only started in 63. Piggy used to throw blocks of wood

at the boys. He taught me woodwork and was delighted when I decided to be a Joiner!

But not so impressed when I got a job as an Electrician :D

Yes Simons lived at East Leak, now I remember. See my posting re J B Simons

At meadows Boys Club I remember a caretaker who used to let us in at dinner time to play snooker (pool had not been invented).

I sometimes doubted his intensions. huh.gif

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i remember mr williams at trent bridge, when we had music we went across the road to the meadows boys club,cant remember learning anything though, he used to get us singing ,up the jolly roger boys,he told us to sing loud so he could hear us while he went to the toilet at the back of the hall, enough said,

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Pop sucked tunes. Thats the lozengers I recall. I'm not sure whether you can still but them-havn't seen them for years. You are quite correct vornvorn if you were fairly close

you could certainly smell them !

Odd chap but quite pleasant.

Merry Christmas,

Kind regards,


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