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We have a relative that lived in Pegg St. In 1891.

Looking at one website it says umit was off Kings Meadow Rd. 

But there is no map to show where it was. 

Can anyone help with the location? 

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Hi I live at 10 goodhead I was born there in 1966 the Lowe family when I lived there it add a wood yard at the back that was a stables 


On 1/29/2017 at 5:53 PM, bosworth said:

We lived on Pegg Street then moved to Rupert Street, but I seem to remember a Smithy, that looked after the shire horses, on the left-hand side of Goodhead Street, just before Wilford road. Can anyone else remember this (it is going back rather a long way!).

Also, my parents, Jim and Milly Saunders, were members of the British Legion and used to spend time there, as well as Dad's brother, Fred, who had a lovely singing voice, and would often perform.

Yes we lived at 10 good head st in the 60 when we were there it was a wood workings please it was a stable before that 

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