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Home alone tea ........ Dinner for one .... Me favourite   

We don't carry HP! The middle toast topping was a slice of hot & spicy cheddar & few splashes of Lea & Perrins, we never got free school dinners & my Mam could not pay for them, s

30 minutes ago, Beekay said:

Who are the two signores Nonna? From your restaurant?

They are my husband and son.Theyve been very busy this lunchtime , The village Sindaco passed by, admired the scene and gave them permission for every Saturday to use the arches and they are going to close the road by making some attractive screens. Its given them a real sense of things are looking up.

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When Alex decided to let one grow ( in lockdown) it wasnt successful and he tried again. Strangely enough he's received loads of compliments and I've kind of got used to it. He does shave it off now and again but he looks strange without it. I didn't ever think I would like it or get used to it but it goes to show.

I think he secretly like all the compliments he's getting from the ladies.:rolleyes:

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Waitrose curry far superior to any other supermarket efforts & most takeaways, a Saturday night treat in lockdown, will be moved to midweek when the pubs open proper & we are back in the football grounds. 




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Beekay, There's nowt wrong with fish fingers, they make a great sarnie with lots of vinegar.

Fish fingers, chips and baked beans is a "Tech Tea". When at tech in the early sixties our Wednesday day release course ran from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Tech drawing did not finish until 6:30 and we only had a half hour break until the next subject. It was not enough time to get to the pub for a pint and a pasty so we went to the canteen and at that time of day that was about the only choice.

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28 minutes ago, Oztalgian said:

There's nowt wrong with fish fingers,


Subjective of course but from my perpective, the thing that is wrong with Fish Fingers is that they contain fish.. which I cannot abide.


As for 'Tech Tea'.  When I was doing sciences at People's College in around 1966.. we had a late evening doing a course in Cytology.  We managed to squeeze in a couple of pints in the Trip at lunchtime.. but in the evening we settled for Sausage Beans and Chips from the refectory.

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On 5/1/2021 at 4:49 PM, philmayfield said:

Not a big fan of beards. My son has recently grown one but I don't like to ridicule him! 


OK Phil.. not taking your own comment too seriously but...


I'm always intrigued by beard haters.  I freely admit to being mildly amused by the massive popularity of beards among the 'hipster' lot recently.. but..

It is normal and natural for most men (and a few women) to sprout hair on their faces.  As far as I'm concerned, those same people have the absolute right to let the beard grow.. trim it to a length of their choice.. or cut it off.  There is absolutely no correct answer on this one... and after all it is THEIR hair.  The same applies to hair both men and women... Those who wish to insist on rules of conformity are fearful of difference, which translates into a fear of their own inability to control and dictate the actions of others.


For what it's worth.. the main reason I grow a beard.. which I keep short by choice.. is that regular shaving always causes me to develop a shaving rash.  I have tried every cure known to man.. but it happens.  So I choose to maintain a short beard.


I used to frequently get asked if I grew a beard 'to look intelligent'.  I responded by asking if my interrogator was clean shaven 'To look thick'.

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3 hours ago, philmayfield said:

Love asparagus, hate beards. I would never buy asparagus from someone with a beard. :biggrin:

Wouldn't that be cutting your nose off to spite somebody else's face?  :laugh:

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