Balloon woods Play centre

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If you took the play area (Top right) to St Annes it would be a play area !!! no wheels covered in graffitti etc

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It’s a shame that the world has got so paranoid over security these days.

I wouldn’t be half surprised if the perimeter fence isn’t electrified.

They parachute the kids in these days rather than smuggling them in cardboard boxes.

Surely the fencing has a detrimental effect on the children who attend such a fortified strong hold.


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I worked at Balloonwoods Playcentre as a play worker from 1995 to 2005 when i had to take early retirement due to ill health but have known this place for about 20 years what has happened to the pictures i would love to see them .

Yes fencing not great but put in as a safety measure for the kids we used to have 50 or 60 a session at one time and only two or three workers. safety asspects were kids running on the road onto main road when chasing each other or equipment balls ect and also perverts in the woods at least we could keep them on the other side of the fence and call the police to deal with them.i had to do this on more than one ocation some would say they were bird watching in the area others had prior convictions so esier to deal with them.

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When the photos disappear it is because the original poster removed them from the host site. Eg. the school pic I posted in the Netherfield thread is hosted on Photobucket. If I were to remove it you would see the same blank space. Not planning to remove it BTW. Wish I had more for you. I do have one or two of the crowd at Chandos boys school.

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