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Ayup danny333

I remember that shop on Albert street, it was owned by a lady called Eileen and she had a Siamese cat she would take for a walk on a lead, quite unusual to see in those days (50s/60s)I also remember the school because my granny lived next door, oh happy days


Ayup Rog-- I left Albert Street Seniors in 1945 and went to The Tech School For Textiles in Nottingham I will be 79 tommorow the 8th July.

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When I was little in the Medders, Hawthorn Street was cobbled of course and when the men came off shift at Clifton Pit you heard a clattering roar of boots on the cobbles as they came along the street. The pavements were sort of blue-ish bricks with a kind of diamond pattern.

I lived in the next street over, Briar Street, in Osman Terrace for a few years, opposite The Hozene Works Eileen.

When I was growing up in St Anns there were several cobbled streets, can't recall the names now, would have to peruse a map prior to the demolition of the old St Anns, to prompt my memory. I'm almost sure Peas Hill Road was cobbled then covered with asphalt later.

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