Mid air collision.

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There were definitely several in the Trent Valley during WW2. There are two memorial stones on the Trentside near Bleasby, and one near Car Colston. They were training accidents I recall.

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The one at Bleasby, in the shape of a Lancaster tail, in granite, was erected on the Glebe Field last September and was the the work of one assiduous resident who did much research and was able to contact surviving family members to attend the unveiling. Sadly the incident remembered was largely due to pilot error as indeed were many crashes in the region of Syerston airfield with aircraft crashing on training flights or colliding with returning aircraft. One Lancaster actually landed in the Trent at Fiskerton. There used to be a large bomb crater in the field in front of Bleasby Hall but that bomb was dropped by one of our own prior to landing. I remember, many years ago, collecting bits from a Lancaster that crashed in woodland at the back of Morton village. Syerston was still active when we moved to the area in 1962. It was then a training base for Jet Provost aircraft. One of the instructors that taught me to fly in the 70’s was instructing there back in those days. He flew Sunderland flying boats during the war!

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