Central TV series 'Boon' 1989. Looking for location 'Woodcote Park'

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for some reason I don't have permission to edit my own post !


TXT sent,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

you won't believe this but 30 seconds after my txt Mr Clarkson called me back !

Whilst he couldn’t tell me where it was, he did recall the place.

He said that it was a private house,,,, that the owner was a Nottingham man,,, that he had his own private trainer for his Racehorses (so the stable shots were quite possibly shot at the same location !?) that there was evidence of training horses there (poss ‘galloping’ range,,,, etc etc) and the chap new a bit about filming etc as,,,, as the house had been used many times on previous episodes !

The only other thing he said was that he was only used on 2 episodes of Boon but that EDDY would be able to tell us more (he can’t recall Eddy’s surname)

,,,,so near,,,, yet so far,,,,,

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Yes I've noticed that one before,East Stoke Hall,but I don't think it is Woodcote.

Similar style and age though,I think it even has odd pieces of the metal fence like at Woodcote,so we could be looking at the right side of Nottingham.

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I thought someone on here mentioned an Eddy,,,, but can't find it now,,,,,

the way that Clarkson was talking was as if Eddy was a Location chap !?


I will have look through the production credits on the rest of the Woodcote episodes.


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Location managers................... Eddie Mares , Peter Chadwick

That looks a very strong line of attack. Eddie Mares is still working in the business. I'm onto him.


I have just spoken to his assistant. He's out of the office today but will call back tomorrow.

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Sounds very promising Bamber.

Received another nice reply from a local historian.....


You have my deepest sympathies trying to locate this house! I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning trying to find it on google maps and maps.live.com. I also searched through my collection of old photographs of houses around Nottingham but drew a complete blank!

Looking at the photos you've posted it does seem to be set in its own parkland and I can't see any sign of a village or church nearby so that should narrow down the options. The landscape also seems fairly flat so that should dismiss most of the north-west, north and north-east of Nottingham. It does feel like it should be somewhere near the A46 south of Newark but God knows where!!!

I'll be in touch if I have any bright ideas - good luck!

Andy '

Also heard from another historian who can't help but is contacting a couple of other people who might be able to.

I spend another couple of hours staring at Google earth,especially around Southwell and Newark,thought I had it on one occasion but no again !.

Followed up a couple of leads to do with racehorses/horse trainers I found in my 1989/90 Nottingham Yellow pages (its been in the loft for years,knew it would come in handy one day !),one at Kelham near Newark seemed promising but they all drew a blank as usual.

A few more production credits......

Lighting chargehand ........... Tony Greatorex

Rigger/Grips ......... John Taylor,Neil McVey,Colin Russell

Steadicam ...... Peter Fearon

Hot head operators ...... Ray Andrew,Dennis kington

Make-up supervisor ...... Sandy Staples

Chargehand propsman ...... Phillip Nicklin

Special effects ....... Michael Pales

Standby carpenter ...... Michael Scoble

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Reply from Carol Martin - Mr Dakers Agent:

Hello again

I am afraid that Mr Daker is unable to help your search.

As he says, there were an awful lot of locations across those years and he can't identify that particular one. He apologises for not being more help.

Hope you have more success elsewhere in your search.

Carol Martin


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I've spoken to Eddie Mares about the Woodcote Park location.

The house was owned by a Mr Snipe (sp?) and it seems that it was not as close to Nottingham as we had been led to believe. Apparently it was about a 50 minute drive from Nottingham. Eddie is going to get back to me with an exact location.

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You know it's going to turn out to be Avocets house don't you , and he's going to laugh at us and say , "Yes , Nice house I've got isn't it ?? " ..............LOL


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If it transpires the house is located in, say, Cumbria I will draw up an 'Avocet arse-kicking rota'...

Went on my A46 Kneeton/Flintham hunt yesterday afternoon...negative.


Robt P.

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I agree with you Rob and if thats the case the Avocet will be as rare as they were in the early fifties, practically extinct,

I hope you've got another one if this gets solved Avocet


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