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Did anyone go to Berridge? I started I guess when I was 4/5 (long time ago, can't remember lol), so that'd be about 1972-73.

Some of the teachers I remember were Mrs Ireland (infants, think she was my first teacher), others were, Mr Hudson, Mr Chandler, Mrs Davies.

My mum went there also, probably about 1947 she'd have started, we lived on Brushfield Street at the time and Berridge was on the end of the road.

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Ayup Born n bred

I went to that school must have been about 1959 just before we left to live on the Clifton estate, don't remember much about it though, just that the windows were too high to see out of and that the play ground was surrounded by a high brick wall and you had to line up in that playground in respective classes to be counted before going to class.

Never did like school, it got in the way of growing up


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Hiya folks,

sorry to jump in on your thread,,,,,, but I've just put a post in about schools.

I'm trying to find which school a girl of 14/15 might have gone to in about 1963/4, if she lived in around bottom Sherwood rise/ clumber street/ave ?

Are you able to give some ideas please ?


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This might be of interest to some people, as part of my family tree research(my father attended Berridge in the 1920's-30's) I have just picked up a copy of the school history.

It's a fascinating booklet which covers from when the school was first built upto the 1970's, it contains maps and old school pictures. You can get it from the school for a donation to school funds (£5) to cover photocopying, if you are interested you need to phone the school to give them time to photocopy it and arranged collection.



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I went to Berridge Infants and Junior from 1959 then to Forest Fields.

I have every School photo. Miss Rogers (mini skirts) Mr Kemp (a right bast**d and no mini skirt, at least not to school) Mrs Smith, Mrs Bull, Mr Williams (Brilliant) Mr Cook (also brilliant). Headmaster Mr Baugh (think thats spelt right. Can't remember any others. I'll have to dig the photos out. They were phazing out the seniors when I was there so by the time I was 11 the last senior had left the year before.

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