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I'm with you on that one Bamber , and "Trick Track" Santa was deaf at times mate

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I came across this YouTube video & thought it might inject a bit of TV advertisement nostalgia fo a few, I thought i was quite interesting ! So, as they say, dip yer bread in !  

We are the Ovaltineys, little girls and boys Make your requests, we'll not refuse you We are here just to amuse you Would you like a song or story? Will you share our joys? At

Who remembers 'Don't forget the Kiora, Arora'?

This is luxury you can afford by Cyril Lord

Squash it, and it just springs back,

Wash it, and the colour stays fast,

Give it the treatment, the family treatment,

Enkalon is made to last for years and years and years and years

This is luxury you can afford by Cyril Lord!

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I rid the world of so so soups ,

Cross and blackwell reign supreme,

There's red wine in the ox tail,

and there's Chicken double cream,

so the next time you're out buying soup ,

remember what I say,

Cross and Blackwell makes a tasty change

from so so soups O.K.?

Boom boom, thank you, good bye!!

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Don't forget the Kia-Ora!

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No songs, no catchwords, the current Hovis advert is amazing, look out for it, I reckon it's the best advert I've ever seen, along with the Smirnoff ad with the Lancs and stuff coming out of the sea, and I hate the bloody adverts, they drive me mad, I try and watch any BBC channel to avoid this crap, it's appalling and often insulting to whatever you are watching.

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Ayup and welcome Letsavagoo , lets here some more from you

Re hovis

love it too

For our Ex pats who won't see it, I fond it on youtube

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Being swayed by the advert, my parents had a Cyril Lord carpet put down the stairs and landing in 1963.

Luxury you could afford!!!!!

You bet, the bloody thing is as perfect now as was when it was delivered, despite being abused by teenagers and the associated vomit, wasn't that his problem, luxury you could afford but not his manufacturing base, didn't they go bust because their quality really was too good for the price.

The advert that really wants me to kick in the telly at the moment is that grinning little Oriental bloke with the unfortunate haircut, transferring to our loveable amatuer Halifax Bank manager pretending to surf and sing at the same time, I hope they both drown. Have they got no sensibilities to keep showing this crap at this time, who do Halifax think they are, do they reckon that our sad grinning friendly pals will keep the world economy alive.

Ever been to Halifax by the way, how to prove a point by destroying a lovely Victorian town with an overblown self indulgent piece of self opinionated crap of a naff building, I'd sooner get a mortgage from the Pykies down the road.

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Ayup Poohbear,,You're right I got them the wrong way round, I see the milky bar kid is now a girl,

firbeck, couldn't agree more about those clowns from the Halifax with their cheesy grins and suspect lyrics, where's Jaws the shark when you need him


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Now now lets not degenerate this thread into rants about the state of the nation, it's about old adverts we remember (I agree with you though....LOL)

Bazza,,,, it is meant for our world wide members.

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Does anyone remember the batch of really low-budget "local" adverts that used to come on; usually for furniture or second-hand car dealers and the like? They all seemed to be businesses in Cradley Heath or somewhere like that.

The best ads of all were the ones for Heineken and Hamlet cigars; my favourite was the spoof of the Andrex ad where the bloke goes into the outside "thunderbox", the bog-roll drops under the door and the puppy runs off with it...... cue striking match, puff of smoke through peep-hole in door, and Handel's Air on the G String.

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One of the very first ads from ATV was of an animated one of a striped shirt waister dress, standing up on a swing.

An angelic soprano voice comes over singing;

Colmans rice starch

Colmans rice starch

Colmans starch is right for you

It brings your clothes up bright and new

You'll always look smart with

Colmans starch!

Oooh, I can still hear it......don't forget the fruit gums mum!

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Amazing how we can remember these adverts from over 50 years ago and yet the stuff that's currently on our screens we can't remember 5 minutes later.

Mind you, so many people (including myself) don't even see adverts anymore.

They are so irritating and the ad-breaks so long, that I either switch to another channel or whizz past at 32x on the video box.

I wonder if anyone can help me trace a TV advert from the early 60's ?

I have been trying to identify it for years.

It was a kind of low quality animation and I think was for a Building Society or Life Insurance. The figure in the cartoon wraps a wall around himself and knocks on it - saying: 'With the security of the building society around you'.

Might even have been Richard Briers doing the voice-over.

There was something about interest on your savings and he'd say:

Whch is very interesting !

Ring any bells with anyone ?

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