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I came across this YouTube video & thought it might inject a bit of TV advertisement nostalgia fo a few, I thought i was quite interesting ! So, as they say, dip yer bread in !  

We are the Ovaltineys, little girls and boys Make your requests, we'll not refuse you We are here just to amuse you Would you like a song or story? Will you share our joys? At

Who remembers 'Don't forget the Kiora, Arora'?

Hi Michael.

Thanks for that.

It not the particular one I was after, although it's definitely Richard Briers on the voice-over.

I believe he became the voice of 'Griffin' the Midland Bank symbol - probably until it became HSBC!

I've had a few messages from people and I'm starting to think that it was the British Insurance Association adverts that I was remembering. Featuring Fred and his family:

"Get the full strength of the insurance companies around you!"

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A couple of adverts that produced irritating catch phrases:

TV Times - in the early 1960s there used to be a cartoon of a family driving home in a car, not sure what time they had to be home in time for their TV programme. The kids would shout: 'Quick, dad, it's on now!'. Then grandma would say 'Slow down, George, it's on at 6.30' (or whatever).

So whenever you were asking someone to take their time over doing something it would be; 'Slow down, George!'

Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate - in the advert some would ask what time it was - 'Chocolate time!'

So whenever anyone asked you the time...


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Sadly, every time Mrs C and I are confronted by one of those annoying electronic road signs that stupidly exhort us to SLOW DOWN because a junction is ahead, we always recite together "Slow down George, it doesn't start till 7· 20!"

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If I remember rightly the whole thing ran like this -

[Wife] - "Faster, George - that programme starts at 6.15."

[Granny - from the back seat] - "Slowwww down, George. It doesn't start till 7.20."

[Kids - sticking their heads out of the windows] "Quick, daaad - it's on now!"

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#54 The Hot Chocolate ad I remember is

"Hot chocolate, drinking chocolate" and someone running home in the rain as the jingle gets faster and faster.

Not forgetting "We are the Ovalteenies"


PPPPPPPPPPick up a Penguin!

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Wasn't that a cinema advert ?

Like the 'tasty' Westlers hot dog.

Cinema adverts used to be hysterical - especially when they had the 'locally made' adverts.

One TV jingle I always remember is Opal Fruits (now called Starburst)

Opal Fruits made to make your mouth water

Fresh with the tang of citrus, four refreshing fruit flavours

Orange, lemon, strawberry, lime

Juicy chewy Opal Fruits

Made to make your mouth water

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whats the word for toffee.........................sharps!!!

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