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Looking like it could be Wymeswold,hard to be sure though,the airfield has been redeveloped and it doesn't look like there are any of the old hangars left.A few of the local disused airfields have been redeveloped in the past 20 years and look totally different now.I don't think the location is Langar or Bottesford.

This one might be a bit too difficult to locate with certainty.While we ponder the airfield,here is one that should be much easier...


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Well done again Den,your'e right.Musters Road at the junction with Bridge Grove.I had a feeling it was in West Bridgford but I was thinking further up Melton Road.

What about this country house ?,not many clues to location,known as 'Dornford Hall' in Boon .................




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Going back to the Musters Rd pic, the shop with the yellow sign used to be a very good cafe/restaurant called Kayes.

Just to the left was a newsagents called Ebrey and Brown where i had a newspaper round.


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In that episode Ken and Harry are looking at an OS map with the location of Dornford Hall ficticiously marked on it,the location clearly visible as supposedly near to Loughborough.

Just as an aside,in the episode shown on TV last week,Thrumpton Hall was used as the location for 'Upper Ridley Hall',this too was added to an OS map,the fictitious location being on the hill between Clipston on the Wolds and Normanton on the Wolds.

They have the Nottingham OS map visible in the background in numerous episodes,in one episode it was on a wall but actually displayed turned through 90 degrees.

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You could be right.The buildings at Tollerton now don't match but have any been demolished in the past twenty years ?,the more I look,the black painted hangars seem familiar.

The scenes at this airfield were filmed on a Summer's evening in 1989 and with the position of the Sun I would say that the gate-way and country lane is to the West/South West of the hangars,which would fit Tollerton.

Here is another photo that shows some distinctive brick/tin Nissen type buildings that are between the gate and the hangars.A few posts back Beefsteak mentioned Trent lane and I think there are some similar buildings down there.


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Certainly GNR brickwork, not GCR blue..I'd agree with the Manvers Street area.

Must have been demolished about 10 years back, when the main road was widened - so would have been in situ...


Robt P.

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