More Boon locations to find

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Yes,got it,see exactly where you mean now.I seem to remember that for years after it closed,some track and a signal post remained on an embankment of the GNR line to Grantham in the area of Colwick Road/Trent Road/Daleside Road.

Next location,I think this will be easy.....


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I spent a good few years going through those gates every day. Though it's not the place it was in my time. I mean, for God's sake, they even advertise in the local free papers nowadays. Unthinkable.

Main gates to the NHS with the war memorial in the background.

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Here's the next location to name,filmed in Nov/Dec 1990......

Hi Avocet,

The Kwik Fit depot is in Stapleford, the old Saxon Cross garage. The house next door with the crescent shaped porch is called Norton House. Both are still there today.


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Thanks for that,Derby Road Stapleford,another location sorted.My first thought was the Kwik Fit on Nottingham Road New Basford but it didn't fit.

This next location might be quite hard to find.It could be in a suburb of Nottingham,say West Bridgford,or maybe a nearby village.It is from the Summer of 1989.The third photo shows the road in front of the white house.




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I think the pub location could be the Black Lion on Main Street Radcliffe on Trent....

If you refer to your Post 66, I'd be amazed!

Frontage is nothing like that is a sort of Mock Tudor

Post 70: Large circular storage bunker/demolition...Colwick Oil Depot?


Robt P.

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Perhaps I'm thinking of the wrong pub name in Radcliffe.In the background of the photos there is a shop with the name 'Kingfisher' and I think there was a 'Kingfisher Travel Agents' on Main Street Radcliffe about 20 years ago.What are the other pubs on Main St ?.

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Ayup Avocet,

They look like gas holders to me, possibly Eastcroft or Basford, I think they were being demolished about that time


PS: I've not forgot the picture of Barnby manor, will try to get over this holiday (if this weather picks up)

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Hello Rog,

I wondered about Basford for the gas holders.The site used for Boon seemed to be a very large area of industrial demolition,it looked like a really big works or factory.It had been completely levelled,with just a few large steel RSJs etc left standing.At one side of the site was a small street with a few terraced houses and smaller brick built industrial buildings.

Looking forward to the Barnby pictures.

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