Local nicknames for Pubs

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^^^ I too like Mary's father in laws reason for the name but believe its was the grand windows that gave it its name, they would have been something to behold when it was first built.   Howe

You are quite correct Mary, but the trolley bus could pull in to the terminus easily, you can see the overhead wires here. Only the tram had to "swing" the poles around.   As a m

Back in the late 60s me and a few friends used to frequent The Grosvenor on Mansfield Rd. Warm Home Ales bitter or mild was the drink of choice back then. Lager was an expensive German drink although

When i was about 5 ....went on a day trip with ''Ode English'' to Wickstead Park...along with lots of Cousins..and Aunts.........nearly drowned in the Boating lake...lad i was with kept rocking the boat and laughing like a maniac...i was scared so very cleverly dived in the lake as i went in the daft lad also went in backwards.(stopped him laughing)....

Luckily i was pulled out by a man with a boat hook pole.........still recall being under water and seeing the undersides of other boats.........later that day a girl called Lilly also had to be fished out.......she's still hilariously known as ''Lilly of the Lake''......lol





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I lived on Russell Rd Forest Fields in the 60s and early 70s and remember great excitement when The Palm Tree opened at the top of the road on Gladstone St. It was a Home Ales pub and was initially quite busy. It was a nice alternative to The Carlton Hotel on Noel St which was a Shipstones House. The Palm Tree didn't seem to last long and the site is now occupied by new town houses. The Carlton became the infamous Frog & Onion which I believe is still there.

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I remember when we used to go on the annual outing to blackpool in the late 70' & early 80's with the arnold working mens club where hey arnolds parent's were regulars, his dad was on the commitee, skillies coach parked outside 8am sunday morning being loaded up with crate's of home ales IPA & apollo pop & a box of crisps for the kids, great times.

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