Nottingham pubs you really miss

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I just miss all "Pubs" the music - sing-songs- good night out with friends - dancing on tables- people being drunk (just happy drunk) at least if you joined in the singing and if you did not have a si

I must admit that even though I'm from Mong Eaton, Nottingham was always my town for drinking. I worked at Butlins Minehead from 1979 to 1983 and my best mate Jake's from Portsmouth. In about 1981 a g

Only just discovered this wonderful site. At the end of the 70s I lived in bed sit land better known as Mapperley Park, on Magdala Road and used The New Inn virtually every night of the week. A great

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Firstly, sorry for having to keep changing IDs but I keep forgetting me codes. Hi everyone, and before the ask, the next book is coming on great.

At the time the Fly was being closed, I was cabbing(late 80's) and privvy to quite a bit of over the shoulder info from some of the players involved. At that time the place was earmarked for demolition by its then purchasees - a well known pair of Nottm brothers(shall remain nameless) with zero scruples and a good eye for a fast turnover. Nice blokes, but ruthless and big connections within masonic hall. They were eventually blocked on the demolition, but granted the popular 'refurb existing facade' bollocks at the time and had to settle for that, so we're actually lucky to have what's left of it. Similar to the big triangular corner building up from Rock City(no connection) which they also bought and wanted levelling as part of their plans. This was also refused and they settled for refurb existing facade but added two or three mezzanine floors to boost rental space as a consolation prize. But not before there was a 'mysterious' fire there which gutted the insides and almost got them theior original wish, however that started?

Personally, I miss the old boy in the white coat in Burtons offy(council house) who'd serve everyone, teen, tramp or dying with the same cordiality as if you were the Queen. 'Bottle of QC SHERRY Sir? An EXCELLENT choice, if I may say so, Sir! Would Sir like me to wrap it, or will Sir be drinking it presently?......'

Tom Hathaway

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In a respect so many of them are still there, but sullied beyond belief these days. One I miss would be in the shape of The Lion on Clumber Street. Latterly it was pretty horrible but for a time in the seventies and eighties I spent a lot of time in that place. In the day they had the best prawn and cream cheese sandwiches on a Saturday lunchtime too before a 'Sport Billy' day watching Notts or Forest and the Panthers to follow as a main course during the evening. All interspersed with a few(?) pints as well.

Which ones do you really miss?

What about the Flying Horse!!!!

Great food and different bars.

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Tavern in the Town / Dog & Bear / Fountain / Mortimer's Cavern / Flying Horse / Turf Tavern why did they close/destroy all the best pubs in town ?

Brought a smile to my face, remembering the Tavern in the Town, Mortimer's Cavern and my fav Flying Horse. Left Nott years ago.But what about Yate's!!!!!

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Yates is still alive and kicking formally the Talbot.

Kicking being the operative word on a Friday and Saturday night.


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Here's another one - Worro's Wine Bar

The traditional greeting by Bob Worro at the door 'evening gentlemen'

The sticky carpets that endangered the chances of you ever getting out of there again.

The loud r-o-c-k-!


Rock Chicks!


Now I'm feeling sad...

i remember my saturday nights in worros that scrumpy was a killer

i was found presumed dead in a garden in Lenton Abbey by police and they even took me home lol

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The Flying Horse was all about redevelopment. Some property development firm came in and told the council what it would like to do with the premises at what they called a fair ground rent and rates, as they were called then. The Flying Horse owners could'nt compete with what the other firm was prepared to pay and the rest is history. Now the shops in the same spot are the most expensive in Nottingham. All the decent pubs in Nottingham have gone and been replaced with dumps. The worst thing they did was to start making them eating houses with bars. The serious pub user was driven away by kids running riot. The breweries and landlords were'nt bothered as they were making fat profits from the extortionate price of soft drinks and snacks. Then came the killer blow. The smoking ban. Now there ain't a decent pub in Nottingham, unless of course you want to buy drugs.

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Hi Guys,

I'm new here but have ebeen reading and enjoying all the comments. So here's my tu'pen'eth!

Some are still pubs but not how they once were!!

Owd Boot on Glasshouse Street

Green Dragon (near chapel bar)

Town Arms (Trent Bridge) The Aviary now I think

Newshouse on St James Street




oh those were the days!!

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Cant count the times we all turned up at the Sal to find upstairs had been decked with tables with posh tablecloths on em to be told 'you not allowed in no more'..its now a restaurant....then had to wait 2 weeks till it reverted back cos no one went in.

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pc went wrong earlier otherwise I'd have asked question whether any connection between dinner times in the goodfellow and the crash, then again it happened in the morning, still have scar on arm from there, stupid barstewards going that high in quickstage then taking the ties out!

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thats strange i was going to ask if you worked there. seriously did,nt they take one of the hoists out. as for dinner tme drinking remember ginger wood coming back from yates and falling down a lift shaft, broke his leg & his whiskey bottle

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