Nottingham Chippies Good and Bad

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2 hours ago, IAN123. said:

Mrs.C will be in charge of us as normal..miss those Hobgoblin Hours we have had..remember when the table was full of pints?

2 for 1 is not a good lunchtime offer for Catfan and Mr.123.

How could I forget !



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Hilda's on Kirkewhite Street East was a great fish and chip shop,for as long as I can remember it was run by Hilda alone until her husband Joe retired and helped out,they lived in Beeston Rylands and

I often nip into Carringtons on Carrington Street after a Forest home game, I always have a child's portion of chips, normal battered sausage & curry sauce, in a tray & wooden fork.   

We always used to get fish and chips there when County were playing at home. As Dad was a driver at Trent Bridge we could leave his car there and walk to Meadow Lane after having a good feed.

On 6/1/2019 at 9:10 AM, denshaw said:

Trent fish bar.

I always used to call there for a fritter and chips on my home to Clifton from my grandmothers (Bathley street) at least twice a week back in the mid sixties,sit on the embankment steps to eat them then cycle home via embankment,Ha'penny bridge,wilford village,Ruddington, then over the GCR station bridge to Farnborough road Clifton,oh happy days



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