Nottingham Forests Glory Years - late 1970's

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It’s rather sobering to look at that gang of middle-aged/old men, mostly podgy with sparse grey hair.  I knew a few of them when they were young fit footballers knocking about town and frequenting the

40 years ago this week the mass exodus as begun  ....... T' Munich   

Maybe there's hope yet for the Red Men !!!!!!




You have a lot of work to get us on top again.


But you had a good boss.

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O'Neill's first game in charge was poor, very poor, over, 4-4-2 this day & age just don't work, this could end in tears? Seasons over.

Get Karanka back, before somebody else gets him?    

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Remember crossing Trent Bridge before doing a left past the boat clubs, at the top there was a vendor on the right, little more than a 'for sale' sign with an extra board or two, used to sell big square plastic badges with cut corners and with gold pins on the back. Had the Tony Woodcock & Robbo ones!


Passing the Trent End, remember some gaps in the brickwork, almost little windows where people used to sit. On one occasion arriving late remember somebody shouting, F** W***ers, youv'e missed it! We are 2-0 up!

against Bristol City? comes to mind....

Funny what you remember..I had a East Stand season ticket for four years 76 - 80.


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