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Griffins and Spalding brings back memories for me my mum used to work in G AN S making there wedding dresses. When I used to leave work at 4 00 I had to catch my bus in slab square but before going ho

Timeline ---------------- 1846 Robert and Edward Dickinson commence trading as a drapers shop on Long Row 01/04/1858 MESSRS. R. & E. DICKINSON have pleasure in announcing that they have taken

Just googled the home of William Griffin in 1932 , quoted in #10 . The article says it says was called Riseholme , Alexandra Park . It appears to be this place now , split into apartments . The head

Ladies' equestrian knickers were something I was bissfully unaware of, not sure the information isn't going to scar me for life!

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When younger, I always thought G & S was a posh shop where likes of me didn't frequent. Now I know what they sold, I'm glad I never went in.

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I once knew someone who worked at Brettles when they were based in Belper. It was, apparently, a Dickensian set up in the 60s. They made all manner of things the like of which cannot be purchased now. My mother used to buy the pink ballet socks me for me as a child, when I was taking exams as they were RAD regulation uniform and no one else made the same shade!  

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