Is there any form of life lower ...

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than the two City Council's parking attendants I saw this lunchtime?

Handing out parking tickets to Blue Badge holders, attending the Armistice Service, who had mistakenly left their cars on that part of Victoria Street which has a No Loading restriction.

Nauseating turds both of them.

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Might be the same 2 that gave me a ticket yesterday after finishing another long shift.

Parked out the back of the Poacher while I quenched my thirst - unknowingly parking in a Residents Permit area.

I've got a Dispensation to park on double yellows, but, as I wasn't working I didn't take the p**s.

Serves me right. A small mistake has cost me 15 pints of HP.

I'll know better next time! :blush:

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It seems strange to me Rob that they should be handing out tickets on a sunday, what makes it worse, is that some of the people attending the Rememberance Day service may have been elderly and a little confused, but these uniformed scum bags obviously don't care, that, possibly due to the actions of some of these folk, that they are issuing tickets instead of guarding a Concentration Camp, although some of them may well be more suited to the latter job.

Perhaps they should be given a transfer to the Kabul District Councils traffic division for a taster.

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I popped out of the office this lunchtime to check the scene again.

There is disabled parking all down the left hand side of Victoria Street except for a short section where there is a No Loading restriction between 10am and 4.30pm seven days a week. If you are not aware of it is very easy to miss.

The parking attendants know this and were very keen to hand out tickets to Blue Badge Holders attending the Remembrance Service.

The Evening Post have contacted me about this so I hope they will be getting a response from the Head of Parking Services for the city.

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...It seems strange to me Rob that they should be handing out tickets on sunday...

Yes...and if they were 'homing in' on the emotive Remembrance Service it is doubly despicable.

Do they usually work on Sunday?... presumably so. Whilst I usually have little sympathy for parking abusers - complete with their irrelevant excuses - this would seem to be an unusual, if not unprecedented, scenario.


Robt P.

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I have been told by a warden that this is not the case. She always came and told me if her boss was coming and to move my car , otherwise she left me be (I was working for the RAC at the time (On sales) )

But whether it's changed since 1990 I don't know.

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Traffic Wardens? Parking Attendants? Hmmm.... I thought they were "Meter Maids"!

Lovely Rita Meter Maid

Nothing can come between us...

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They're not all bad, well, perhaps 0.001% of them.

I was unloading some site investigation gear out of the back of a van in Bishops Stortford once, on a double yellow line, but I had no choice, it was heavy stuff and I had to heave it over the fence.

Next minute 'Lovely Rita' arrives, 'Hmm' she says, 'Would you believe it that the local residents have complained to us about your antics, but I see you have no choice, miserable sods'.

She wandered about, came back and said, 'I see that some of these do-gooders have un-taxed vehicles' and promptly called in the police, a car full of coppers arrived and started knocking on doors, I was left alone until I finished, I couldn't stop laughing though, nor could she.

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I parked in a disabled space yesterday a traffic warden shouted at me, "Hey what’s your disability?"

"Tourettes! Now f*ck off, you cont!!"

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