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As we seem to have a few ex-scholars on here, I have recalled come of my memories of the pleasures of dining at Trent Bridge Junior School in the early 1960's.


In my first year at Trent Bridge I noticed something strange about school dinners. They were not cooked on site and usually arrived at about 11.30 in great big steel ( or aluminium) containers. The school hall which doubled as the gym also doubled as the canteen, was set out with tables and chairs. From memory I think there were two sittings. Also strange was seeing odd chairs tipped up against a table - these were for teachers to sit on and even the Head joined in sometimes, certainly in my early years. One day the head ( Mr Gibson) joined us and the first course ( always meat and two veg with gravy) went peacefully. Then the pud arrived - some kind of tart already cut up into squares and a large enamel jug full of custard. Mr Gibson asked in a booming voice "Now then who would like the skin?" Now I didnt have a clue what "the skin" was but fearing I might be thought unworthy if I didnt accept it I foolishly raised my hand. Thereupon Mr Gibson placed a square of tart on a plate and picked up the big jug. Now the custard had stood for quite some time and looked like it had a hard yellow rubber surface on top. So it didnt exactly pour smoothly onto my plate. In fact it took an eternity to leave the jug and then with a loud plop completely covered my tart. "There you are" beamed Mr Gibson. I tried to eat my pud which was Bakewell tart with yellow rubber covering. Custard it was not! Meanwhile my fellow diners , who I had denied this great culinary delight, tucked into their afters with relish. "Are you enjoying the skin" enquired Mr Gibson. Yes I spluttered ( bloody lies, I was choking!). Now the kids of the Meadows were a hungry lot and and many were glad of a decent hot meal. But by gum you had to be desperate to want the dreaded "skin". To this day I still hate lumpy custard and if I even hear the word "skin" in relation to a culinary experience I can quite literally feel a lump in my throat...

Ok more stories to come if any interest inc

The meat that came to life

A tanner in my Christmas Pud

The Pike incident ect..

Bye for now .... its dinnertime! (and no bloomin custard !)

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