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I've kept this in the "Transport" side, but our friends the Moderators might see fit to move it elsewhere, as they see fit.

As mentioned in the "Nottingham Hauliers" thread, my old man worked for Hoveringham for 43 years. He started in 1939 as an errand boy, and stayed there (apart from a break for wartime service in the RAF) until 1983, a year after the company was taken over by Tarmac. Dad always said that those 12 months were the most miserable of his working life.

In response to Mick's question regarding the mammoth statue, it's closer to Nottingham now than it was! It was moved to the Clifton campus of the University, where it sits patiently accumulating bird-sh1t just like it did at Hoveringham!


'Tain't me on the pic BTW, just googled it and it was the best I could find.

I always thought it was an 'orrible looking thing but when you consider all the crap that passes as "art" these days maybe it's not too bad.

I believe the office block, which stood empty from the early 1980's, has recently been demolished.

We owe quite a bit to Hoveringham Gravels in Nottinghamshire; apart from the local employment (quite considerable in the 1950's and 1960's) and the general contribution to the economy, the National Water Sports Centre at Holme Pierrepont, along with many other nature reserves and leisure facilities around the county, owe their existence to Hoveringham's activities.

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Ayup Scriv,

I work for the company responsible for the creation of the Attenborough nature reserve,(very similar to what Hoveringham/Tarmac did with their reinstatement) the first SSSI in this country, and now many more nature reserves throughout the Uk, as well as creating jobs the industry also creates new habitat for our wildlife, not to be sniffed at in todays concrete jungle


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