xmas pork pie breakfast

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I can't understand why vegans want their food to look like meat. If your vegan, fine, but don't pretend you're not by tarting your food up as something that its not. You  wouldn't want us meat eaters

Hello.Only just joined so reply may be late.My grandfarther.who came from Hucknall,served on H.M.S. Royal Oak at the battle of Juttland.Being away at sea one christmas he and his mate who came from Ma

After the heart attack, I fear that pig pie is going to be right off the breakfast menu this year. Still, at least turkey is on the approved list, and having done penance at breakfast, I think I may b

Mrs B Welcome to NS. You'll hear all sorts of banter here old and new. Enjoy it. BTW  I'm from Barrow in Furness just across the water. Mum and Dad both worked in the ship yard. A few years ago my husband and I passed through Barrow. Me wanting to drink some sass and my husband wanting to see where I was born. No longer sass made, so sad.

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Hi MrsB. Dad was from Millom and visiting his family in Ulveston as children we would always look out for the blue works and the Hoad ( Hode?) on top of the hill.. Very fond memories spent with my maternal grand parents winkling and treading for eels over Walney.

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Sorry Phil I don't know. Ive done a quick research but it doesnt mention Millom but it does mention a Waterford Mill. It does mention thoughj the surrounding area. 

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