xmas pork pie breakfast

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My mother's family came from Arnold/Daybrook and ran the bakers shop (Ellis's) and it is absolutally correct that Pork Pie for Christmas breakfast was the tradition. My uncle from Sherwood also had it but not sure if it was a Sherwood tradition too or that he married my Anty from Arnold.

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Hello.Only just joined so reply may be late.My grandfarther.who came from Hucknall,served on H.M.S. Royal Oak at the battle of Juttland.Being away at sea one christmas he and his mate who came from Ma

Well my good lady bought me 2 medium pork pies to sample xmas day, we have a kilo of uncooked Black tiger prawns going in chilli & garlic marinade and a kilo of local mussels to be done on the bbq

Best way to eat pork pie cut it in half scoop out all the disgusting grey interior & filthy jelly & chuck it in the bin & eat the pastry or give it the dog  

A couple of Jaffa cakes and Coffee for me I'm afraid. I had bought a 'Morrisons Hand Raised' pie on Wednesday but (The same as you Pete) SWMBO dished it up for Buffet tea!! Ah well, maybe next year.

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Things you can get away with saying only at Christmas:

1. I prefer breasts to legs.

2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.

3. Smother the butter all over!

4. If I don't undo my trousers, I'll burst!

5. Are you ready for seconds yet?

6. It's a little dry, do you still want to eat it?

7. Don't play with your meat.

8. Stuff it up between the legs as far as it will go.

9. You still have a little bit on your chin.

10. How long will it take after you put it in? .

11. You'll know it's ready when it pops up.

12. Just pull the end and wait for the bang.

13. That's the biggest bird I've ever had!

14. I'm so full, I've been gobbling nuts all morning

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Hi.. Every christmas morning my late father who came from Arnold used to have pork pie for breakfast. when I later asked him about it he said it was a tradition carried out in Nottingham .Something simple to start the day that did not need cooking .When I married I had my pork pie breakfast. my wife who comes from Sneinton told me she had never heard of this . is it an old Nottingham tradition ? or wasit something my dad dreamed up?

Yes this was a tradition of my late father aswell thumbsup I'll have a word with my mother to see where the tradition came from

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Unfortunately the only local pie worth eating used to be Pork Farms.

Now they are dry and not worth eating.

I never buy Pork Pies now.

Can anyone recommend a source of tasty traditional pies.

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You could make your own Mick, the pastry is basic water pastry, ie plain flour, pinch of salt, lard and water.

One of these years I'll make some of my own, haven't had a pork pie since I left the UK.

We used to have pork pie with pickled onions and red cabbage plus some salad veggies on Boxing day for tea when I was a kid.

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I wasn't partial to the jelly, but it's boiled down bones etc if you're that desperate to have it....

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Having worked there for a number of years (Including making the "Show" pies, ) I think I'm qualified to make a contribution as to what goes into a Pork Farms Pie. ( I may have already made the details available before, but here goes.)

The jelly in the show pies is made from the residue of rendered 'trotters' (IE boiled to oblivion ) this was poured in by hand through hypodermic type needles , half way through the bake, in to various parts of the pies , taking about 3/5 minutes per pie; the mass produced pies were 'jellied up' after being baked with a jelly made from glicerine via a machine that injected 36 or 64 (Depending on their size,) pies at a time, the whole process of injection taking a mere 10 seconds from picking up the tray with the pies in it to putting it in a rack ready for cooling and packing.

On the real plus sides, the meat gleaned from the residue trotters (After we'd removed the jelly, (and when no one else was looking), was some of the nicest pork you could imagine) and we used to take a full shift to make 3 pies of each size per show, a total of 24 pies.(And there were loads of shows in the summer months) where as on the production lines you'd spend a whole shift making somewhere in the area of 20,000 pies in a shift on the production line . No brainer really !!

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“There is a tradition in Leicestershire of always having a slice of pork pie for breakfast at Christmas, which harks back to medieval times when the pie was the equivalent of today’s turkey. We’re keeping alive that tradition. We see a 500% uplift of pork pie sales at Christmas. But there’s another 51 weeks that we could sell customers a pie.”

Quote attributable to:

Pork pie specialist Dickinson & Morris is well-versed in the ‘theatre’ of pie-making. MD Stephen Hallam speaks to Andrew Williams about tradition and opportunity

- Published: 16 June, 2006

There's your answer ....................if it's true!! Probably started in Melton Mowbray, for obvious reasons...............

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I reckon it's more than 500% !!! We used to start a 2 x 12 hrs x 7 days a week , shift routine on the month up to Christmas . All the belts were going flat out, only stopping for meal breaks (There was a team of people who took this opportunity to give the belts and machinery a good clean

All the pies were left uncooked , blast frozen , the surround rings were removed to be reused and then they shipped out to be kept frozen until they were brought back , "rehooped" and cooked on the travelling oven, which was directly over where the old headstocks of Clifton pit were.

I'm only guessing , but if one belt made 20,000 in an 8 hour shift then it'd make 60,000 in a 24 hour period x that by 5 belts x 7 days x 4 weeks = 8.4 million pies from one factory alone. That's before you add on the "Meltons" (Large flat round ones , the long ones with egg down the middle, the long ones without egg down the middle and the big round flat lattice pies . Add them on and i reckon you'd be closer to 10 million.

And that's from just one factory !!!!

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My best mate was the engineer who installed those travelling ovens. Me and him used to go out paintballing with the Pork Farms management up near East Leake. He reckoned with me being ex-army we'd have a better chance of winning!

Incidentally, I bought a Pork Farms pie a few months ago as Morrisons had sold out of their own-brand ones which I'm quite partial to.

Shan't buy another; it was bloody 'orrible, not at all how I remember them.

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Just ordered a "Game pie" from Morrisons this year , advertised originaly at £6.99 on 'sale' for £4.99

I'm just about to make some Pork and Apple Rolls too

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A piece of one of my three game pies was eaten by me, SWMBO and the kids had Chocolate biscuits !!

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Another saying (not just local) is "A watched kettle never boils" this intrigued me as quite illogical? so put it to the test, not only does it boil but if left long enough on the gas it burns the bottom out of it! :crazy:

Especially when it's an electric kettle - as SWMBO found out the other week!

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