Aerial picture of Beeston, 1970.

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Here is an aerial shot of Beeston showing the incomplete Beeston Square development with the only part finished multi-storey car park.

Taken around 1970 I'd guess.

You can see the old fire station on Stoney Street as well as the new fire station on Station Road - soon to be demolished for the new one at the Hassocks.


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Yes, Roundhill does have a lot of land but the part between Glebe Street and Willoughby's bodyshop has mainly been set aside and not used, we called it the 'wasteland'. Remember, the site also had the wooden infant school adjacent to the footpath.

The school appeared in Auf Weideresen Pet as Jimmy Nails sons school.

The current Sainsbury site was the old fire station, you should be able tomake out the garage, tower and they had 2 or 3 properties as mess rooms/HQ.

The newer buildings on the north of Albion Street is the Beeston & Stapleford Works Department - state of the art but short lived, now mainly Sainsbury's secondary car park.

Note how the road junction between Middle Street and Chilwell Road has a different layout.

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