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Ayup Fynger,

Remember that other great school song as sung by the polar explorer in Tomkinsons schooldays, from Ripping yarns (again) by Michael Palin and Terry Jones (my school my school)


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The quite river bears its load, from busy mart to mart below the hills,

then slowly to the far grey seas, it bears its tribute, it bears its tribute, of a thousand rills.

The Saxons bridge it o,er with oak, beside the shallow immamorial ford,

Then spanned anew with well hewn stone, it bore the throng of peasant, monk and Lord,

Last arching steel replaced the stone, and learning reared her walls beside the Trent,

where days of eager youth we passed,before us life with every chance unspent.

As time rolls on we leave her walls, the call of commerce and of art,the call of land and sea,

shall scatter us across the earth,but in years to come, in years to come , we will remember, remember thee.

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Did'nt have a School song as such,................but can still hear the whole school singing Jerusalem and 'all things bright and Beautiful'

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