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My trusty friend Hartley opening his Christmas present. If this works it's a miracle.

By Jove, have I succeeded?!!!!

Balloon flight over Vale of Belvoir

carnie, what are trying to do now? If you want to make the images larger in size, then look at my posting #1 in Posting Images - instructions 9 to 13.

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Hi, The post #52, as you see, looks pretty good. I think I have to thank CliffTon for working his magic, because they were similar to #43 when i made my post,(All over the place again) I WILL have another go today. Sometime. I have to wait until I can face it. I have the instructions ready. Now all I need Is the patience!!!

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The picture is probably to large, following chullas instructions C3 I changed the left number to 800

I would think it need's to be a lot lower any suggestions as to how low.

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