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My trusty friend Hartley opening his Christmas present. If this works it's a miracle.

By Jove, have I succeeded?!!!!

Balloon flight over Vale of Belvoir

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:dancing N:



Just trying to get some emoticons from the drop-down 'Show more' list. If this works then it seems that I can only get them to attach to a message by clicking on More Reply Options, and then tick Enable HTML?. I clicked on the 'Show More' drop-down list of emoticons and then clicked on the ones I wanted. The URLs appear, not the images. I unclick the HTML box and when I posted the message the images I selected appeared in the message (I see that they have).

It is this routine that I have to go through to get images into my messages from Photobucket. When I use the wife's laptop everything works with no problem. So can only think that it is something to do with Windows 7 system on my PC.

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FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT. This is Misty cross pinscher, on holiday I was enjoying my liquorice icecream when my grandchildren starting laughing and pointed out Misty was at the other end enjoying it too.

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Two demonstrations of an easy-to-make mistake.

For anyone still trying to master the art of posting images ........ the most important rule to remember is that once you've got the link from Photobucket (or wherever) and posted your image into a thread, DON'T move it or change it or reorganise the picture within Photobucket. Don't put it in another album, or change its place within the system, or tidy up your library.

That's why you see those signs all through Nottstalgia saying "This image has been removed by the owner".

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There are several ways of achieving it and someone my come along and say something different, but this is my way :-

1. Have two browser windows open. One with your Photobucket account, and the other with the Nottstalgia page where you are posting.

2. Get the code for the photo from Photobucket and paste it into the Nottstalgia reply box.

3.. Go back to the Photobucket window and get the code for the other photo.

4. Go back to the Nottstalgia window and paste the code on the next line in the reply box.

5. Add any text you are putting in the reply.

6. Click on "More Reply Options" in lower right, which gives a "Preview Post" option, and click on that.

7. If you like what you see, click on "Add Reply".

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I`ve been having problems editing text in posts. The final post always condenses the text into one continous block of text, without

paragraphs etc., which makes it difficult for others to read, and in certain areas, distorts the meaning intended.

I click `edit` and re-compose the piece. Then click `save changes` or `submit.` The intended post then shows with all the paragraphs ignored

and condensed again. I go back, re-compose yet again, and again it `unedits` the work I`ve just done. Annoying.

I`ve just tried using `Use Full Editor` for the first time, and this appears to work so far. I have yet to try it on a

proper post with more text involved.

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