Aerial Photo Beeston circa 1984/5

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An aerial photo of Beeston, 1984 or 1985. Shows cleared site of Swiss Mills after the fire, Sainsbury's looks built but not occupied.

Council depot still on Albion Street.

Shops still on Wollaton Road where the clinic now stands.

And of course, not a hint of Tesco.


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Have revisited the picture many times in recent months, remain totally unable to get my bearings!

What's the huge complex that dominates the foreground? Boot's or Plessey?

Where is the A52?...time to be put out of my misery...


Robt P.

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Was it the road at the back (or front) of the multi-storey car park where the place was that you went to take your driving test?

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if you could just mark a landmark or a street i could manage to visualise it better

Hi Taxi Ray,

The colour image is taken south-west of the town, the large building in the middle is The Square. Bottom left is the Police Station & The Grange. Upper centre with the clear car park is the 'brand new' Sainsbury supermarket. To the right of the Square is the multi-storey car park and the fire station.

The B&W image is taken from the north-west. Roundhill School is in the left foreground (note the old wooden infant school). The new building in the mid-left is the Beeston & Stapleford UDC works department which was on Albion Street (is now Sainsbury's overspill car park). To the right of this is the old fire station, the hose drying tower can be seen. The date of the image should be 1970, I think the Albion Street depot was formally opened in 1971. The Square is brand new and the multi-storey car park is not completed. Upper-right is the Boots Pure Drug Factory.

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