Indian Restaurants In Nottingham

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As Indian food is extremely popular, I thought Id start a thread where you can tell everyone your opinions of the ones youve tried, not to be confused with the section in the 70's bit, of former places that you've visited.

Well, last night I had time to kill in West Bridgford, and decided to go to the Five Rivers, near to The Test Match Pub.

It was early evening, no one in, but that wasnt a problem.

As it was before 7.30 they have an early evening 3 course dinner (they say 2 course) pappadum and chutney tray, (unlike every other restaurant Ive EVER been in, they charged extra for a pickle !) a starter, and main with rice, and, despite my son not wanting rice, but naan bread instead, the rice arrived, and naan bread charged on top.

3 lagers on draught are available, Cobra and Kingfisher at £3 a pint, and weaker cheaper Carlsberg, except they still charge £3 for it!

Wine is £4.25 a glass.

The first 2 courses were fine, as good as anywhere, but, the main course tasted nothing like (to my experienced Indian food tasting palate) the real thing, it was spicy enough, but tasted like something that came out of a tin or jar, Homepride for example.

During our 2 hour visit, only one other table was occupied, and 3 take away customers came, this isnt always the case s Ive been past it when its been busier.

So, will I return? Only if its the last Indian restaurant left open in Nottingham for whatever reason.

Edit to add = Strange thing too, there wasnt that "Indian Restaurant" smell of the spices and garlic in the place, I wonder if thats significant ?

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I dont eat it.

Thank God for that, I thought it was only me that didn't eat Indian food.

I've tried and tried over the years, but I really can't stand it at all.

Why? I don't like the appearance, I don't like the texture, I don't like the mix of ingredients, I can't stand the smell and I hate having my mouth burnt out by chillies. I know it's wierd, and I'm actually envious of the majority of the population that do like it. I know it doesn't have to be particularly hot and spicey, I've attempted to eat things in some up market Indian restaurants, but I just can't cope with it at all. Anything else, Chinese, even some Thai, is alright by me, it must be some deep seated phsycological thing.

Are there any Hungarian Restaurants in Nottingham, due to my family connections, I've had a few Hungarian meals, don't go there, it's not all goulash and paprika, madam's aunt came over before Xmas and cooked us a typical meal, it was less appetising to me than an Indian, even Liz had to force it down, no wonder the Iron Curtain came down and there are McDonalds on every street corner in Budapest.

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I enjoy a good curry, (as long as they remember to put the chicken in, as I mentioned in my blog !!) Our local seems to have the balance just right, not too spicy and not too bland either. SWMBO loves their Korma (And that is praise indeed) which is very mild

Trouble is I can't give them a plug , as I can never remember their name!!

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So, out of 7 replies only Hippo girl has commented on where shes had a decent Ruby, and Den mentions one through hearsay.

Come on gang, its the most popular type of food in Britain! Lets have some recommendations or stay away warnings!

Re The Viceroy that Den mentions, previously it was The Hillcrest Social Club, where I did many a great gig, and I even took Dale Winton in when he still lived in Nottingham!

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Come on gang, its the most popular type of food in Britain! Lets have some recommendations or stay away warnings

Don't eat it mesen - can't stomach the smell either - yuk. Went out on a sponsored night to the Ice Stadium a few year ago and watched the old footballers from loads of teams play off in some sort of competition.

Afterwards, the sponsor (solicitor) said, right then, we are going to the Indian on Goldsmith Street for meal. I could have died..........

I ended up having a nibble at some sort of Chicken dish which, I must say, 'lingered in the exit tract' for a few days. Never again will I step foot in an Indian restaurant for food.

That said, we are at present fixing the broken air con in the one in Tudor Square. The indoor unit in the ceiling is disgusting - full of years worth of crap - which the young 'un has to clean out he he.

One of the girls in the office looked it up on the web today and read some of the reviews - not 10/10 anyway. Nuff said.

Give me a chinese or thai anyday.

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Don't eat out ...period. Seen too many filthy kitchens in my younger years...I don't like strangers fingers all over my food thanks.Particularly those that a short time back were swatting away flies in a back street in Asia.

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We went to the Balti House the other night.

Balti early evening special £7.95

I had Mushroom starters and Jackie had Chick Pea, with a a good helping of BH

Millennium Chutney.

Two sizzling Chiken Balti's and large nan breads.

I have been to the Balti house before and been given half a bowl of Curry?

This time it was well full, and we both left satisfied, After I finished the third of Jackies

that she could not finish :)

I liked the bottle Cobra Beer but don't like the price!

They are now doing an all you can eat Buffet on a Sunday Dinner for £8.95

Sam says its not that popular so they are moving the times to a later.

Sam was sorry he did not email the picture when he pulled the old Balti House sign down

revealing the Curry and Grill sign. He will be sending it for display here.

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'Sorry I can't make any recent comment on Nottingham's finest restaraunts. Believe me I'd love the opportunity! I can't believe how many of people seem to be living in medieval times. I bet they'd have given Raleigh a hard time for introducing the potato!

Why not start a thread about how bad foreign food is and then you might get some responses in it's defence!!!

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I would recommend the Bombay Brasserie on Radcliffe Road bang opposite the Trent Bridge Inn main doors .

Well tasty.

What i would not recommend is parking your car in the TBI when i came out i had been relieved of my number plates , can't believe they had been stuck on with double sided tape.


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I know it's going to sound obvious , but report it to the police straight away, as the little sh*ts will be using them to clone your car (Parking , nicking petrol, etc)

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It was last Friday , i did report it , i nipped into central cop shop on the way home , she told me i would more than likely get stopped quite regularly my number would be on some number plate reader thing , i did test the theory on the Sunday daytime drove all over Nottingham with my new plates on ( valve shop £12 ) it was not until i came down London Road that a traffic copper tailed me all the way to Maid Marion Way !!!

Then he over took me !!

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Back on topic the Shabab Nan Kebab Pakistani Restaurant on Radford Road Hyson Green superb food you'll fill your belly for a £10 per head take your own beer .

And being in the posher area of Nottingham you should find your car in one piece on your return.

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Sorted now secured with 4 cap head bolts , surprisingly looking @ other cars it must be common practice to stick plates on cars .

Looking on the net there where an estimated 33,000 number plates were reported stolen during 2004. It is, however likely that the figure is much higher given the level of unreported theft.

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Bashed a few indians lately here goes ................

Chutney Maid Marian Way - my new favorite cracking food bit pricey but booked in again for Mrs Reds birthday

Lime Upminster Drive Nuthall - another favorite quality nosh take your own beer

Taste of India Abbey Street Lenton - cheap & cheerful hits the spot

Nimbo Villa Street Beeston - will only ever get the one visit from me rubbish

Gurkha kitchen Glaisdale Drive - family do - don't know how they got the orders completely wrong but bent over backwards get it right - might get a 2nd chance one day

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