Anyone remeber buntings fields carlton

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Guest Chris

Can anyone remember buntings fields Carlton back in the mid 60s and as anyone any images of the old st pauls school on Carlton rd the headmaster when i was there at school was a mr Richards please get intouch if you can help.

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O.K. I'm a mine of info here, off to bed now but I can even post you a picture of Mr Richards .

I'll sort it tomorrow afternoon as I am very busy A.M.

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I was a pupil at St Pauls from 66 to 72 ,

Teachers were;

Class 8 Mrs Burley

Class 7 Mrs Wortley

Class 6 Mrs Didd

Class 5 Mrs (Naggy) Norris

Class 4 Mr Harris

Class 3 Mrs Lazenby

Class 2 Mr Watts

Class 1 Mr Meakin (He took over from Mr Sneath)

Secretary was Mrs Morris, Classroom assistant was Mrs Skinner. Caretaker Mr Carlin.

And of course Head master Mr Richards.

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