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Hey hey,

My name's Tom, I'm in a Sheffield band and I'm trying to find out a bit more about the live music scene in Nottingham. We've got a gig down your way on 30th April at Seven (fka Junktion 7), and I was wondering if a kind soul on here could point me in the direction of any other good Notts venues that we should check out? If anyone can point me in the direction of any other Notts music forum as well that would be dandy!

If it helps, we're a grungey/groovey/rocky type band and have a couple of tracks up HERE. My good lady studies in your fair city, but she commutes from up here so she's not too clued up on the live scene, and a lot of her friends are into club music rather than good old fashioned guitars!!

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Just across the rd from the 7 is the Running Horse, that often has live bands on.

Leftlion forums are your best bet for gig guides and also check out the Rock City gig guide.

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Another, On Derby Road just city side of Canning Circus?

Hand and Heart?

Dont forget D*rby

Sgt Peppers, Flower Pot and Blessingham Carriage (perhaps)

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That Blessingham carriage has been going a long time , I used to deliver there in the early 80's. It was/ is owned by the same people who own/owned Ben Bowers , also on Canning Circus.

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yea nice one thanks craig it's been a while since i was on the radio, i think the last time i was with graham neale on trent,do you still dj?? ive been a tad busy working with black knight music promotions in loughborough more to do with local and unsigned bands and trying to get something off the ground up there but with it being a university town when they go on holiday you can see more life on a tramps vest than in the town. yea i got a big write up in the notts post as well and you can see that here

ive been trying to get radio nottm to let me do a rock show but i gotta keep at them me thinks.

so wat you up to then? i think the last time i saw you was at a car boot in sandiacre was it? and you wanted some singles coz you had left all yours at radio trent,and talking of records, kev and paul who used to run arcade records was a regular customer of mine when i did the record fairs in nottm ,blimy sorry my life story here lol take care

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Hi Micky, I meant a week or three back when you were on John Holmes show, plugging your gig.

Yep, it was at a car boot, but I cant remember where, and what happened to my records at Trent was that they had been thrown away in a clean up! And yes, I still dj, not on air though, theres not enough money around nowadays!

My son is in a band called The Jet Boys, he has often played at "7", been on Rad Nottm, in The Evening Post too.

They are more punk than rock though.

Anyway, talk again soon!

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"it's been a while since i was on the radio, i think the last time i was with graham neale on trent," - metal micky

blimey it has been a while hasnt it! it has been 24 years since Graham died and nearer 30 years since he ran a series of shows with guest rock jocks on his Castle Rock show. Oh how time flies when you are having fun.

"ive been trying to get radio nottm to let me do a rock show but i gotta keep at them me thinks." - metal micky

That reminds me of another local jock back in the 80's setting up his decks outside radio trent officers (hmmmm it could have been radio nottingham) and blasting them with his fave tracks - Freddie Ballinger I think his name was, not sure it was a successful tactic since I dont remember him ever getting radio work, you could always try it though!

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hello Pollie, it was outside radio trent that fat Fred set up his decks, nice guy but could get a bit in yer face. For the life of me i can't remember where he used to dj. Btw do you remember John Pownall who used to dj at the Yorker, the Imperial and the boat club at various times?

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Hmmmmmm the name is familliar - old timers disease robs me of many names and faces, I remember Freddie Ballinger, Meglomania (metal micky), Vern (Werner) and I wonder if the John you mention was a blond haired guy who just didnt look like a rock jock in a million years since he was always so smart?

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Hi Freddie here - I'm sure in my younger days it seemed as I could be in peoples faces.

As I'm a big guy and you could say larger than life- lol

But if we were sat having a beer the you would know I'm just a regular guy.

Most people know me in the broadcast or entertainment fields.

Knew I would give the shirt of my back to help someone in need.

Yes I did set up outside Trent from there I went on to Radio Caroline and on to ten years working in the USA . I was Number one in one state for three years running and every station I worked for became number one.

I do not put this down to my skills alone - I have had many good teachers over the years and it thanks to them I can take direction - As I realized I DON'T KNOW IT ALL

Gigs in Nott'm 1st Resident DJ at Rock City -

Morts , The Sal - Rollers - and a million other places.

I'm keeping my hand in now I have returned to Nottingham while i recover from an injury by making shows for the internet station Radio North Sea International. www.RNI.VZE.COM

My show is Fridays 6pm till 8pm catch it if you can its just for fun.

All the best

Fred -- or |Freddie

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