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Hello - I found this forum when googling for maps of Nottingham. I went to College House School, Chilwell - not quite Nottingham but the thread about things our parents used to say took me straight back there. I was the one who didn't go to Skeggy for my holidays because I didn't belong to the area and we always went to my Grandmother's house in Kent.

Apart from having lived in Chilwell for a total of 9 years, I'm blogging an 18th century account book/diary belonging to my husband's great-great-great-great-great-great-uncle, Thomas Tye. Thomas spent some years living in Nottingham and you can read about it here

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Ey up.....Stans the man..... slywink

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What a lovely name is Madelaine,and what a delicacy is 'Petites madeleines au citron'.one of my favourites!

Little woman in the back of a French car? Sounds good to me !!

Ayup and welcome to Madelaine from this nutter over here.

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