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Don't give up Mr Mills I did show my 90 year old Father your photos which jogged some memories & stories from him, I'm surprised Joy James as not back on she's the Musters Club specialist, I have found if you have anything interesting on Nottingham to post try around 5pm all the word/game gang nip off for their afternoon nap, anything good posted early morning will be buried. 

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Joy James started this thread and yes, I remember you. I am Rex Harvey and I am fascinated that you remember my Dad as a monster! A lot of the drunkenness was faked to keep the folks amused but I reck

This brings back a memory of the past. I should start by pointing out that my Father was Rex Harvey but NOT Rex Harvey of the Musters Hotel. My father set up in the motor trade with his own business a

Hi all, JOY JAMES here, so glad to hear from you Rex. I loved and respected your family very much and have fond memories of you all. I loved your old granddad and when he went to live temporarily at t

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Denshaw; Oh yes I remember Peter Lea well; he was slightly disabled, but never let that define him. He had a remarkable wit and a wicked sense of humour. He was at The Musters after Roger L'Idiot and until 1976.  I've searched my stuff and I don't seem to have a picture of him.

But while searching I found these:


Tammy Jones - from Opportunity Knocks; reached #5 in the charts with 'Let Me Try Again' in 1975.  She was at the Musters at the same time as John Paul Joans (#25 with 'Man From Nazareth' in 1970-71). They both lodged in the Hotel for a while.



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Here's a list of the artistes who appeared at the Musters from the end of 1975 through 1976. It is transcribed from the programme leaflets that I have kept. What it does show is the amazing amount of talent around then.

Jun 15-21    Jimmy Crawford
- - - 
Nov 16-22    Andy Wade, Ven Tracey, Jackie Kelly (vocalist)
Nov 23-29    Pat Mills (comedienne), Mike Adams (vocalist)
Nov 30- Dec 6    Chris Peters, Joanne Leslie (vocalist), Morris Clarke (vocalist)
Dec 7-13    Joey Simca, Rickey Allen & Paula Bentley (vocal duo)
Dec 14-20    Jackie Brown, Jay Jay Williams (vocalist), Chuck Richardson (guitar vocalist)
Dec 21-27    Roy Leslie (Comedy Illusionist), Jeff Vickers (vocalist), Jo Peters (vocalist)
Dec 28 - Jan 3    Bill Edwards (Comedy Impressionist), Carol Foster (vocalist), Jeff Vickers (vocalist)
Jan 4-10    Duggie Small
Jan 11-17    Martin Jackson, Dave Manders (vocalist), Jay Jay Williams (vocalist)
Jan 18-24    Johnny Leggs Burton, Tambourine (vocal duo)
Jan 19      Bernard Manning
Jan 25-31    Jimmy Crawford, Linda Dunn (vocalist)
Feb 1-7        Tony Addams & Granddad, Jack Swann (vocalist)
Feb 8-14    Gerry Aiden, RoRo Terry (vocalist)
Feb 15-21 -not listed-
**The Musters Musik - Gordon Verne, Warren William, Phil Sutton **
**Residents: Peter Lea (compere), RoRo Terry (vocalist) **
Feb 22-28    Colin Price, Sammy Jay (guitar vocalist)
Feb 29 - Mar 6    Chapman Brown, Ben Rogers (guitar vocalist)
Mar 7-13    Nicholas + Nickleby, Dickie Pleasant
Mar 14-20    Tony Kent, Eva Maria (vocalist)
Mar 21-27    Peter Robinson, Abbe Leyland (vocalist)
Mar 28 - Apr 3    Les Bryan, Valady Summers (vocalist)
Apr 4-10    Brian Carol, Sylvie & Roy (vocal duo)
Apr 11-17    Steve Ford, Danny O'Hara, Dave Manders (guitar)
Apr 18-24    Mike Powell, Ivan (Talent Show Winner)
Apr 25 - May 1    Duggie James, Billie St George (vocalist)
**Residents: The Musters Musik, Chris Peters (compere), RoRo Terry (vocalist) **
May 2-8     Ann-Marie & Toni (vocal duo), Al Monti
May 9-15    Billy Kelly, Paul Newman (vocalist)
May 16-22    Johnny Roberts, Randee & Pepper (vocal duo)
May 23-29    Allan Mills, Karen Love (vocalist)
May 30 -Jun 5    Johnny Allen, Mitchum (guitar vocalist)
Jun 6-12    Roger Morey, Steve Ellis (guitar vocalist)
Jun 13-19    Joanne Bennett (vocalist)
**Residents: The Musters Musik, Chris Peters (compere), RoRo Terry (vocalist), Paul Emmanuel (vocalist) **
Jun 20-26    Gentle & Giant, Sally J. Jones (vocalist)
Jun 27 - Jul 3    Finn & Jones, Clayton J. Elliott (vocalist)
Jul 4-10    Roy Jay, Dave Smith (vocalist)
Jul 11-17    Dudley Doolittle, Linda Dunn (vocalist)
Jul 18-24    Ian Sands, Lorraine Francis (vocalist)
Jul 25-31    Venn Tracy, Jason Dane (vocalist)
Aug 1-7        Jimmy Crawford
Aug 8-14    Johnney Lancaster, Lynn Stanley (vocalist)
Aug 15-21    Ivor Davies, Ron Rylands (guitar vocalist)
Aug 22-28    Denny Hodge, Dave Barry (vocalist)
Aug 29 - Sep 4    Tony Parker, Steven J. Ross (guitar vocalist)
Sep 5-11    Jackie Brown, Vic Odin & Louise (illusionist)
Sep 12-18    Barry St Ives, Dave Manders (guitar vocalist)
Sep 19-25 -not listed-
Sep 26 - Oct 2 -not listed-
Oct 3-9     Carlo Santana (not Carlos Santana)
Oct 10-16    Duggie Small, Billie St George (vocalist)
Oct 17-23    Olga James, Johnny Lomax (vocalist)
Oct 24-30    Les Bryan, Two Much (vocal duo)
Oct 31 - Nov 6    Bruce Thompson, Toni Rose (vocalist)
Nov 7-13    Dave Betton
Nov 14-20    Duggie James
Nov 21-27    Venn Tracey
Nov 28 - Dec 4    Gerry Aiden, Justine St.Clair (vocalist)
Dec 5-11    Tony Kent, Joanne Bennett (vocalist)
Dec 12-18    Billy Kelly, Sammy Jay (guitar vocalist)
Dec 19-24    Dave Sooley, Clayton J Elliott (vocalist)
Dec 26 - Jan 1    Shaunie Andrews
Jan 2-8     Joey Simca, Paul Newman (vocalist)

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Hi all, my first post here. I was reading through here and noticed a couple of references to the Pilkingtons, Eric, Gael and Roddy (definitely not Robin!). Unfortunately Roddy passed away in approximately 2000 (possibly on the night of the millennium) and the last I saw of his elder brother Gael was at Roddy's funeral and the wake at The Wolds on Loughborough Road afterwards. He was a lovable rogue from a family of them! Gael's son, Shane, did indeed die young after serving in Rhodesia too. 

I have extremely fond memories of them all, especially Roddy. Incidentally, I went to the West Bridgford High School, right next door to the Musters too!

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I stayed in the Musters for around 10 weeks in the 70's there was about 30 / 40 of us some in the main hotel and majority in the annexes at the rear, working at the sugar factory during the sugar strike , had many a great night there, i remember the cabaret which i think repeated every week the same acts, jokes, and songs , i think the M.C was a gay guy called Jason smashing bloke, he could see we were getting a bit fed up of the cabaret and started to take us all to his gay clubs for a change of scene where we were made welcome and had some good times too we were all  youngish guys from Birmingham and a lot of Irish guys too but we always felt welcome at munsters hotel and all the places we went to including the factory great times and great people 

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Hi, found this thread really interesting. I’m from North Wales and used to work with a colleague loft insulating, often at Derby and Nottingham so we used to stay over in the Musters circa 1980. We regularly saw the glamorous foreign singer who we enjoyed very much. However, one night we stayed we walked in to find the Searchers we’re performing. I was only 18 my colleague was about 30 but we both enjoyed it and as residents were drinking in the bar with them afterwards. Great times.

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First off, this thread was started by Joy in 2009...and is still going! Shows just just what a great topic it is! Thanks Joy! 

Remember The Musters well...great place! Remember seeing the late/great Bernard Manning there and, if I remember rightly, did he sometimes swear? I remember Roro's debut(?) there and the compere's build-up introduction included " for one night only, stopping off on her whirlwind tour..." . After that night she was never out of the place....couldn't get rid of her....resident artist! But she was good, bless her!

Also remember Roger L'Idiot and saw him at another great old Nottingham venue (memory failure kicks in) on Fletcher Gate, just up from The Cross Keys. Can I hell as like remember the name! My wife immediately recognised him and said "He used to live next door to me!" and promptly went over to talk to him!

On another thread, Old Hockley, the Pigalle club was brought up and I remember the owner (think his name was Jack) once secured a booking for Bill Halley! Mind you this was in the late 60s/early 70s and Bill was way past it. It was mid week and there weren't many people there. Anybody else remember the event?

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I know this is  an old conversation, but if anyone's interested, I've just found a programme from the Musters listing all the  acts in the 'Variety Lounge' from January to May (no year, but probably about 1975.  Lists the price of the rooms on the back.  Four pounds a night, including breakfast!  I can upload it if you like.

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The thread may have started several years ago but it's still active and anyone can add to it if they have something of interest. I'm sure your programme would be worth seeing.

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