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Thanks for the information, sad news indeed.

Saw him bowl on many occasions. Fair to say he was unlucky to have played at a time when so many great WI quicks were in the game. Certainly, in other eras, he'd have been a shoe-in for the West Indies Test X1.

Sobers, for one, held him in high regard...

IIRC, during his playing days, he owned a popular night-club in the City Centre.


Robt P.

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Yep...three floors up...Byard Lane I think, just over the road from the Windmill.Blacks and whites mixed with no hassle...

After the club closed in the early hours one night a group of the staff came back to my place.

We were still wide awake (Oh to be young again) Booze? Drugs? Women?....Nope...We settled down for a game of Monopoly as the sun came up ;) .....

Imagine telling that to a passing cop nowadays...Yeah right!!!

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