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Hi, My name is Norma Kriebitzsch, but I use to be Norma Marriott.

I was a pupil at Trent Bridge School, I left approx 1954.

I now live in North Queensland, Australia... not far from the famous Alice Springs.

my email address is: BELOW... write me anytime, love to hear from you... Regards... Norma :D

mother_jane <at> hotmail dot--com

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Welcome Norma :)

You will see that I have edited your email address in your posting.

I am setting up the pages so that web spiders such as Google will index the text on these pages. This will mean that a search on Google for 'Norma Kriebitzsch' or 'Norma Marriott' will find this page. Anyone searching for you will find you here.

Disguising your email prevents Email gathering robots :o logging your email from our site or Google. That's where the spam comes from. Your email is safe with us as long as you don't post it in a forum.

Anyone who finds your post, can contact you now securly via the email link or message link against your name. There is no charge for this, unlike other sites like You may notice that you have a free private mailbox here.

Once again welcome, You will be chatting with people who live in Nottingham, as well as those who have left. Enjoy :D

Admin (Mick)

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Hello Norma

Welcome aboard

Sorry I did not leave till late 60's.

Why don't you post a list of your ex school friends in the 'where are they now' forums. That will mean their names will also appear in search engine results. in case other school friends are searching for their class.

As you were at TB earlier we would be interested of your memories of the school or teacher. Perhaps our teachers tought you in their earlier years.

i.e. Was Chalkley there then? and did he still have that old grey suit and trilby? :D

<Trent Bridge Schools (Where are they now?)> LINK

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Search Engine Spiders Hits

Search Bot--Date------------------------ Query --------------Query

GoogleBot---25th June 2004 - 07:08 PM showtopic=58&st=0&

According to the bot log. Google spidered this page on 25th June.

Text in this discussion should appear in Google Search?

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And here is the search results for Norma, done on Google today.


... Newbie Group: Members Posts: 2 Member No.: 42 Joined: 24-June 04, Hi,

My name is Norma Kriebitzsch, but I use to be Norma Marriott. ... php?showtopic=58&view=getlastpost - 32k - Cached - Similar pages

Try it yourself search for exact phrase 'Norma Kriebitzsch'


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