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Someone asked me the other day whether Macfisheries was still going in one form or another, and a quick enquiry of google brought up, amongst other things, a question posed here two years ago.

Since I've lived in Nottingham for the last 40 years, having been born and bred down South, the forum looks interesting, hence I've joined. It may take me a while to rake through all the topics, but I'll pop in and join in the conversations from time to time, if you'll allow.

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Welcome Ron, there's a lot to navigate, could take a while! Hope to see some postings from you, I think you qualify as a native, after 40 yrs in Nottingham. You've seen a lot of changes.


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me too used to baby sit for ronnie haslams sister molly on gedling pit estate in the early 60s

...and I just read "Rocket Men" - Ron Haslam's autobiography! My aunt knew the family as she lived most of her life in Langley Mill - and used to watch the races on TV when Ron was racing!

Leon is doing VERY well this year in World Superbike!

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